Employees Chip In To Get CEO A Tesla

Employees Chip In To Get CEO A Tesla
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You know you’re going to win Boss of the Year when your employees chip in their own money and decide to buy you a Tesla car. The thing is, Dan Price’s staff did this as a way of saying thank you for all the sacrifice he has done for their own benefit.


For the employees of Gravity Payments, it seemed like a simple thank you was not enough to express their gratitude for everything Price has done for his entire staff of 120 in recent months. Back in April, Price had decided to set the minimum wage for everyone to $70,000. That meant helping make their lives better and freeing them from financial worries while he was slashing his own $1 million salary.

It was a sacrifice that touched everyone in the company, so much so that they decided it was their turn to do something nice for their special boss.

According to the staff of Gravity Payments, every single one of them pitched in to help Price get his dream car, which happens to be a Tesla. Alyssa O’Neal, one of Price’s staff who works at support, explained it’s the ” one thing that he really talks about a lot and loves.”

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On July 13, Alyssa and some co-workers went to a Tesla dealership in Seattle to pick up their boss’ new ride. They kept Price busy in meetings so he wouldn’t suspect what was going to happen. When they finally got him out of the office, Price was beyond words when he saw his new car.

“This was a special way for us all to thank him for all of the sacrifices he’s made and challenges he’s faced for each of us. Through all of the successes and challenges of the past year, Dan has never once put himself first,” they said.

Since Price’s company has announced it will be granting all its employees a minimum wage of $70,000, Gravity Payments has received over 30,000 resumes and has hired 50 new employees.

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