Empire Spoilers – Will Lucious Surpass Empire Entertainment And Prevail?

Empire Spoilers – Will Lucious Surpass Empire Entertainment And Prevail?
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Season 3 of “Empire” has already caught up with viewers. The first three episodes enjoyed high viewership and the show is keeping fans on the edge through its rapid turns and twists. In “Fires of Heaven” Lucious got control over all the leading stations of R&B and Hip Hop.


From the teasers and official synopsis we get some ideas about what to expect in “Poor Yorick” and here is the “Empire” spoilers for the episode 4, season 2.

It seems like the fourth episode will bring more interesting drama to the plot. The collaboration between Jamall and Hakeem will make it necessary for the Lyon Dynasty and the Empire Entertainment to come at a deal while keeping their differences aside, at least for the time being, in order to survive.

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The future of this understanding is what will be revealed in the next episodes of the series. However, we can expect characters to get on the high side of their tempers in the coming episode, and it will be possible to see the characters once again under different light.

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On the other side, “Empire” spoiler suggests Andre and Rhonda will be seen unearthing the corpse of Vernon. They are shown to be frantically digging the earth. Lucious also seems to be at a comfortable point to achieve his dream to surpass the success of Empire Entertainment following the plans of Cookie, but will he be able to prevail in the industry, or will things take a turn?