‘Empire’ Season 2 Starts With #FreeLucious Concert

‘Empire’ Season 2 Starts With #FreeLucious Concert
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The Empire season 1 finale was a mess. Many failed to believe that Lucious Lyon will be arrested for a murder when he was about to quit. It also showed Jamal, his middle son, in control of the company.


Season 2 of “Empire” started with Empire Records hosting a star-studded #FreeLucious concert in Central Park. Hip-hop producer Swizz Beats plays a cameo for the show when he takes the stage and says, “Did you know there’re 1.68 million black men that are being held in mass incarceration in America’s prison system today? Right now.”

Hakeem Lyon, the youngest Lyon, denied the top position. He is also a rising rapper who is not sure if he wants to perform for his father. Lucious was guilty for killing his longtime bodyguard Bunkie Williams.

The first episode and the concert itself are patched with several cameos by Al Sharpton, Don Lemon and André Leon Talley. While it is good to have them onscreen, they are not much effective.

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The first episode also focuses on the relationship between Jamal and Hakeem. Jamal rejects Hakeem’s album art and Hakeem freaks out.

It also shows the incapability of Jamal in handling the company. He is getting stressed out to handle the day-to-day works in the office which Lucious used to do with ease. Cookie, Hakeem and Jamal also burst out in the board meeting arranged to announce the hostile takeover. Mimi cuts a deal with Lucious in jail to keep him on the top of “Empire.” Lucious, on the other hand, sends a video message from jail stating, “Game over, b—hes.”

The winner of “Empire” is still Lucious Lyon, and that is proven in the first episode of season 2. Continue to watch as the drama unfolds even more.

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