‘Empire’ Season 2 Premiere Scores Big Viewer Ratings

‘Empire’ Season 2 Premiere Scores Big Viewer Ratings

“Empire” season 2 has just started airing and it has started with a bang. The first episode of the season showed a concert for freeing Lucious Lyon who is arrested for killing his bodyguard. The show has gathered a huge viewer count in the opening and it is likely to generate more.


Compared to the premiere’s week count of “Empire” with other shows, this has no competition to be specific. Fox has again cashed in on the show that received 6.5 average rating from 16 million viewers in the age group of 18-49.

The viewer count the premier episode of “Empire” season 2 received is a bit less than the finale of season 1. All other episodes have not approached such number.

“Empire” is a series that is also attracting advertisers. For getting a 30-second spot in the premier episode of “Empire” season 2, advertisers had to spend $750,000. It’s a huge amount for a TV show and more than the previous highest.

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The first episode was enlightened by several guest appearances of Al Sharpton, Don Lemon and André Leon Talley. These stars played special cameos for the show which covered a concert where Hakeem sang for his father.

The show has always been a frontrunner in the previous season, too. The January opener had a viewer count of 9.9 million and in the finale, it went up to 17.6 million. The number actually increased every episode and the new season has the same promise, too.

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