‘Empire’ Season 2 Episode 6 Spoilers, Lucious And Cookie To Bond For Hakeem

‘Empire’ Season 2 Episode 6 Spoilers, Lucious And Cookie To Bond For Hakeem
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“Empire” season 2 is spicing up for obvious reasons. Hakeem is kidnapped and Lucious and Cookie is going to be searching for him, according to the spoilers.


The duo has decided to bury their differences for the time being and protect their family in all possible way. This sums up episode 6 of “Empire” season 2, which is going to be as thrilling as anything.

Viewers may still suspect Lucious on having a hand in the kidnapping of his youngest son. His armed people will be seen raiding Lyon Dynasty in the episode “A High Hope For A Low Heaven.” This may make people speculate that Lucious is playing a double game. Cookie and Hakeem are working together for their new music company, Lyon Dynasty.

Lucious will make Cookie believe that he did not kidnapped his son and the duo will start the search together. Hakeem was kidnapped in episode 5 and people thought Lucious and Thirsty have something to do with it. When asked showrunner Ilene Chaiken said, “Well, I think you’ll have to wait until episode six to find out.” Will viewers find a definite answer in episode 6 of “Empire”?

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The showrunner also mentioned, “It’s got a trade term — it’s called a snatch-and-grab. It happens in the music business, in all kinds of celebrity business, but particularly in the hip-hop business. It really is the story in episode six, but the issue of whether or not Lucious and Thirsty have something to do with it is key to the story.”

Jamal, on the other hand, will try to get back to the studio after his boyfriend cheats him with the photographer. “Empire” episode 6 spoilers also suggest that he does not want to be known as a gay artist and he knows that he can have anyone he wants.