‘Empire’ Mid-Season Premiere: Anika Pushed Rhonda? Lyons Family Reunites Against Hakeem?

‘Empire’ Mid-Season Premiere: Anika Pushed Rhonda? Lyons Family Reunites Against Hakeem?
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“Empire’s” mid-season premiere shows the Lyons determined more than ever to take back control over Empire Entertainment after Hakeem ousted his father Lucious from the company. Meanwhile, Rhonda is majorly hurt from her fall down the stairs, but the person who pushed her remains a mystery. Can it be Anika?


According to New York Post, the return of the show will be lackluster and not worth the wait. On Wednesday night’s episode, entitled “Death Will Have His Day,” the cast will only be scrambling about trying to save themselves.

First, a bloodied and panicking Rhonda will regain consciousness from her fall. She will then throw her destroyed phone at the front door to set off the house security system. However, there might be no trace of who pushed her, after the agony of waiting to find out. A lot of fans speculate it can be Anika, so the show better not leave them hanging.

Second, a furious Cookie, played by Taraji Henson, will break a broom handle over Hakeem’s back for what he did to the family. The family is angry, alright.  But something will still feel amiss.

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Showrunner Ilene Chaiken promised diverse and crazy reactions from all the family members. “His father pushed him to it, but every individual in the family is going to have a reaction. I don’t think Hakeem is going to get a lot of love from his family [after that],” he said. There better be something other than the broom-breaking scene.

Before the episode aired, USA Today speculated that Cookie will probably text Hakeem and inform him that his father is mad at him and want Hakeem dead. The series of tweets imagined by USA Today’s team is certainly more interesting than breaking a broom over someone’s back.

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