‘Empire’: Cookie And Lucious Continue Search For Hakeem, Love Affair Blossoms Between Cookie And Laz

‘Empire’: Cookie And Lucious Continue Search For Hakeem, Love Affair Blossoms Between Cookie And Laz
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The upcoming episode of the hit TV series Empire is going to put the members of the Lyon family together again and also make them watch each other’s back for the sake of family.


The 6th episode of the season “A High Hope for a Low Heaven” will show the family members are forced to stay united as a storm of problems keeps growing. Here are the Empire spoilers for episode 6.

According to the Empire spoilers, the episode will put Cookie and Lucious in a position where they will have to put their differences aside and work together to ensure the well-being of their son and the family as a whole. As revealed in the trailer for the episode, Lucious and Cookie will continue to work together after they realize that Hakeem was kidnapped.

As the search for Hakeem continues, a series of truth is revealed, but viewers will have to wait till the airing of the episode to know who did the crime and what the motive was. However, the culprits might not be revealed this episode, but it might be the same group who snatched the purse of Tina in the other episode.

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The episode will also highlight the blossoming relationship between Cookie and Laz, after the former protects her from goons who had broken into the Dynasty building to plant bugs. Jamal is also warned by Lucious not to get involved in all these and only concentrate on music.

Meanwhile, Andre is shown working on a division of Empire he needs to shut down, but his next discovery is not going to be that simple anymore. Episode 6 is expected to air on Nov. 4 but in case the World Series continues for a next new , we will catch it not sooner than next Wednesday.