Emily Simms Walks Out Of ‘The Bachelor Australia’ Following Conflict With Co-contestants

Emily Simms Walks Out Of ‘The Bachelor Australia’ Following Conflict With Co-contestants
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Emily Simms, the controversial bachelorette of “The Bachelor Australia,” has walked out of the show after a conflict with Snezana Markoski and Nina Rolleston. As per the latest news, the beauty is also banned from making any comments in the media.


While asked about not commenting on the exit, she said, “Why do you think I’m not allowed to do interviews?” She was asked by KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O why she was not doing interviews. Jackie replied, “I think it’s because you’re being honest about what goes on behind the scenes and they’re not liking it.”

Simms though did not want to reveal much about the show and said that this was the actual reason why she is hindered from communicating with the media. She mentioned, “I’ve been told that I’ve been outspoken and I don’t think I’ve been outspoken. I am who I am and it is annoying to see things out there about me that plain and simply are untrue and I probably do have a very strong urge to defend myself and defend my loved ones which sometimes backfires.”

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The last episode saw Emily in a confronting conversation with Sam, who called her uptight and highly strung. She left during the date. An insider of the show said, “She was so upset, she told producers that if she was in the final two with the girl who blew up at her friend, she would leave too. And surprise, surprise – that’s what happened!”

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Emily said some of the drama was because she was too drunk that night. In her statement she mentioned, “I’m very glad I walked when I did, I think I’d reached my limit. Watching that last night, I was very, very drunk in that. I was slurring my words in the car on the way back.”

Emily was not the only person who walked out of the show that night. On the other hand, Bec Chin was also out of the show as the Bachelor Sam Wood decided that he has no romantic connection with the pretty girl. She drove off in tears.

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