Emile Weaver: Sorority Girl Gets Life In Prison For Killing Newborn

Emile Weaver: Sorority Girl Gets Life In Prison For Killing Newborn
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A former Muskingum University student will be spending the rest of her life in prison after a local court sentenced her for life imprisonment for killing her own newborn last year.


Emile Weaver, 21, admitted to killing her newborn, but said the child was already dead when she put it in a plastic bag, adding that she wasn’t aware of the consequences of her actions. But the jury wasn’t convinced of her defense, which prompted them to render a guilty verdict, noting that Weaver did not show any sign of remorse after doing the crime, ABC News reported.

Last month, the jury ordered Weaver a life sentence for killing the newborn by placing it in a plastic bag and left outside the sorority house where Weaver was staying. The hapless child, named Addison, died of asphyxia, the court records show.

Judge Mark Fleegle, who penned the decision, said he could have given Weaver a lighter sentence that can be paroled of about 20 years, but Weaver’s camp failed to prove that she was remorseful, hence the verdict.

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The prosecutors were able to prove that Weaver was fully aware that, first, she was pregnant, and despite the knowledge of her pregnancy, she continued to engage in risky behaviors. Some of the risky behaviors Weaver did during her pregnancy, as mentioned by the prosecutors, include drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana.

Meanwhile, a report from the Dispatch showed that the prosecutors initially recommended a life sentence without parole. Apart from the aggravated murder, Weaver was also convicted for three years in prison for tampering with evidence.

Some of the evidence the prosecutors found to secure Weaver’s conviction were text messages Weaver sent to her partner, whom she suspected was the father of the child. It was later found through DNA analysis that he wasn’t the child’s father.

R. Aaron Miller, Emile Weaver’s defense attorney, said they would appeal the case to which, she initially pleaded not guilty.

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