Embarcadero ‘BART’ Station Reopens After Person Fatally Hit By Train, What You Need To Know

Embarcadero ‘BART’ Station Reopens After Person Fatally Hit By Train, What You Need To Know
Ashby BART Station Franco Folini CC BY 2.0
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After three hours of being being closed following a person dying when he was struck by a train in an alleged suicide, San Francisco’s Embarcadero BART station reopened Monday afternoon.

Spokeswoman Mindy Talmadge said that there were reports received by the San Francisco fire department that a male individual standing on the BART platform jumped in front of a train.


According to ABC 7 News, the train that struck the victim was a Dublin/Pleasanton-bound train. The incident occurred at 1:25 p.m., while the medical examiner’s office was called an hour later.

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Systemwide delays following suicide incident

The station was closed off immediately and delays occurred systemwide. The station was finally reopened to the public at 5:13 p.m.

Susan Rippberger, along with her 4-year old pooch, was one of the people stuck at the Powell Street station in downtown San Francisco.

“With my little pup here I don’t want to sit here for an hour,” Rippberger said. “I came here to meet a friend just for lunch. Then I find out I’m here for the day.”

Eventually, she managed to board a Pittsburg train toward her home in Concord.

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Increase in suicide cases on BART tracks

According to KRON 4, BART is operating limited single-track service through the Embarcadero station.

Seeing the increase in number of cases involving suicides and attempted suicides on the BART tracks, a suicide prevention campaign was initiated by officials in April, as reported by SFGate. Signs that read “suicide is not the route,” which also gave the National Suicide Lifeline, were put up throughout the Bay Area.

The Bay Area Suicide and Crisis Intervention Alliance (BASCIA) offers a 24 hour hotline for people contemplating committing suicide. Fowling are the numbers:

Alameda County – (800) 309-2131

Contra Costa County – (800) 833-2900

Marin County – (415) 499-1100

San Francisco – (415) 781-0500

San Mateo County – (650) 579-0359

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