Ellen Degeneres, Other Stars Battle Against Anti-Gay Law In Mississippi

Ellen Degeneres, Other Stars Battle Against Anti-Gay Law In Mississippi
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Mississippi’s Governor Phil Bryant is receiving a lot of backlash from celebrities after he signed a bill that will allow business and government officials to deny services to people not following their religious beliefs.


The bill is intended toward making religious practices strong, but it directly implies same-sex couples would be deprived of services. Not surprisingly, celebrities raised their voice against this action. The list included Ellen DeGeneres, 58, a vocal lesbian and comedian, who is a staunch supporter of LGBT rights. The star took to Twitter to protest against the discriminatory move.

Ellen Degeneres wrote, “The people of #NorthCarolina and #Mississippi deserve better. We won’t stop fighting until they get it.” Other stars followed suit.

Lance Bass also mentioned on Twitter, “What the fuck @philbryantMS – seriously … What the fuck?? No one is going to @VisitMS. #HB1523 was signed. Stupid.” Adam Shankman, Josh Gad, Kal Penn, Michael Ian Black, and more joined the cry against discrimination. The celebrities joining the clan are followed closely by supporters.

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The “Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act”  was signed on April 5 to protect the sentiment of people who follow strong religious beliefs. While signing the bill, Bryant said it would prevent the “government from interfering with people of faith who are exercising their religious beliefs… in matters of marriage.”

Bryant also believe that the bill will not create any action against any class or create new action or defense against anyone. The majority of population think otherwise.

According to Hollywood Life, an appeal will be filed by petitioners as gay marriage is not a crime and a law cannot discriminate people because of the way they chose to live their lives.

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