‘Elder Scrolls 6’ Latest Rumors: Class System In Play For Sixth Installment?

‘Elder Scrolls 6’ Latest Rumors: Class System In Play For Sixth Installment?
The Elder Scrolls Online Marco Verch / Flickr cc
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There remains no official word yet on when Bethesda plans to start work on “Elder Scrolls 6,” leaving most to focus on “The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition” due later this month. The remastered edition is expected to offer enhanced graphics though gameplay may be pretty much the same.


Little has been known with regards to the development of “Elder Scrolls 6”, meaning most of the things tied up to the game originate from the grapevine. Just the same, it wouldn’t hurt to consider them seeing Bethesda is keeping a low profile.

Leveling system for “Elder Scrolls 6”

One of the important things that gamers want to see for “Elder Scrolls 6” is how to employ balance among players. It could come in the form of a leveling system focusing on special skills and the time invested by players over traditional statistic generation common in most games, Gaming Bolt reported. This could be a game changer though the final say will be on Bethesda’s team of developers.

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Classes possible for “TES 6”?

If not a leveling system, recalling classes such as “Oblivion” or “Morrowind” could be possible for “Elder Scrolls 6.” While this could bring restrictions to players, it does offer some sort of order to set players on the right track for the game, not to mention character building. The return of traditional class systems were brought up via thread on Reddit.

There are of course more to expect for “Elder Scrolls 6” such as the adding virtual reality though it may depend on the state of VR by the time “TES6” comes out. Guilds have been dished though this may not be different from the classes previously discussed.

Gameplay is a mystery for now though a new world as well as maps could be a welcome improvement from “Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.” More rumors are expected in the coming months, hopefully credible ones as Bethesda holds off the actual state of the sixth installment of the “Elder Scrolls” series.

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