‘Elder Scrolls 6’ Gameplay, Release Date, Latest Rumors: Fans To Enjoy Dark Souls-Like Game?

‘Elder Scrolls 6’ Gameplay, Release Date, Latest Rumors: Fans To Enjoy Dark Souls-Like Game?
Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim jamesrl2012/ Flickr cc

Elder Scrolls 6 rumors continue to pop up despite the fact that the game is nowhere close from being released.


The earliest possible date that the game could come out is 2019, with Bethesda already stating that there is nothing in the works right now. No team has been assigned and the company is instead busy working on two big projects. Elder Scrolls 6 is not among them.

It is for that reason that gamers are advised to instead satisfy themselves with the remastered edition of “Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim”. This special version is due out next month (October).

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With that cleared up, in comes the speculations on what Elder Scrolls 6may have to offer in 2019.

Will it be VR Ready?

One aspect that has ramped up gaming these days is the adoption of VR. While its rise has been erratic, there is no question that adding a virtual reality kind of a setting should make the game pretty interesting.

But before looking ahead, it would be best to consider if VR will still be a fad by 2019. With VR headset sales unstable, there is no telling if it will still be the something that players will look up to.

“Dark Soul”-inspired?

More to that, there are some wondering how game play would turn out. Rumors to a possible “Dark Soul” series inspired game could come out, one that covers combat, puzzles, and quests.

If so, this could make Elder Scrolls 6 entirely different. A difference in combat should be interesting as well as other added game features as long as performance does not get compromised.

With plenty of time to spare and nothing in the works, Bethesda can resort to anything for Elder Scrolls 6. Tied up to other game titles is only to be expected so expect a whole lot more from critics and gamers moving forward.

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