El Niño Stronger Than Ever, Could Cause Drastic Climatic Change

El Niño Stronger Than Ever, Could Cause Drastic Climatic Change
Photo Credit: Corey Leopold via Compfight cc

The current El Niño is shaping up to be the strongest natural phenomenon since it began, reports the U.S. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the UK Met Office. This phenomenon is reported to have begun in 1950.


El Niño is a climate event that occurs for a period of six to 18 months every two to seven years characterized by warming of the surface waters along the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean. The present El Niño event is found to be severe than before where in some areas of the seas the surface temperatures (SSTs) is recorded to be more than two degrees – higher than the long-term average, according to Aljazeera.

It is observed that as a result of El Niño, Peruvian fishing industry would be affected greatly. As a matter of fact it is not just the fishing industry the experts are worried about but El Niño’s devastating effect on weather conditions around the globe, reported BBC. This climate event is strong enough to change the present storm system since warmer waters in the eastern part of the ocean would pave way for hurricanes, typhoons and super typhoons.

Adverse weather conditions are experienced around Asia-Pacific region because of El Niño and it is projected that Australia would experience a hot summer with temperature over 40 degrees and above.

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El Niño also resulted in some severe flooding lately. South America’s Atacama Desert had the highest rain in 80 years that caused severe flooding which took away 20 lives. Though good rains are expected in dry regions of North America, there are also threats of flooding and deaths.

On the other hand, El Niño had an opposite effect in Caribbean where hurricane frequency is affected by the increase in wind shear.