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Eiza Gonzalez Talks To Warner Bros For Zatanna Role? Image Reveals

Eiza Gonzalez Talks To Warner Bros For Zatanna Role? Image Reveals
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Eiza Gonzalez Talks To Warner Bros For Zatanna Role? Image Reveals

Eiza Gonzalez has been fan cast to play as Zatanna or Catwoman for DCEU for a long time. Although there were no hints of the actress being in talks in the past, fans have still pointed out some hints that caused more speculations.

The rumors gained momentum on the internet as it was revealed that DC Comics COO and President Geoff Johns began following Eiza Gonzalez on Twitter.

Earlier in September, the Spanish actress shared an image on her Instagram account that caused a lot of discussion among fans. The actress posed in a leather attire which was similar to costume worn by Zatanna in DC Comics and animated series. Fans can check it out here.

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Recently, a Reddit post revealed new information that suggests that Eiza Gonzalez is in talks with Warner Bros for her DCEU role already. The image submitted by the user in the forum suggests Eiza Gonzalez was at Warner Bros. according to her Instagram story .

The image reveals the logo of Warner Bros. as the text on the Instagram story says “Where’s the Animaniacs?” Fans can check out the picture here.

One fan on Reddit said that Eiza Gonzalez may have deleted the Instagram story as it currently doesn’t exist in her account. However, it is possible that the story was expired.

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If Eiza Gonzalez is in fact in talks with Warner Bros. for a role in DCEU, the actress would likely play as Zatanna or Catwoman. Both characters are known in DC Universe for their abilities.

Zatanna will star in the “Justice League” movie whereas Catwoman will be cast in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film. Both DCEU titles are currently in the early stages of production and will soon began its casting process.

Currently, Eiza Gonzalez is currently busy playing as Santanico Pandemonium in the ongoing TV series “From Dusk Till Dawn.”

Who's READY? #fromdusktilldawn is almost here !!! 🤘🏼🤘🏼💀 #santanicopandemonium

A photo posted by ••• Eiza ••• (@eizagonzalez) on

Does she have a DCEU role?! Geoff Johns is following her everywhere and she had a mask made for her if you search her Instagram from DC_Cinematic

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