EgyptAir Flight 804: Meteor Downed Plane? Human Remains Show Signs Of Explosion

EgyptAir Flight 804: Meteor Downed Plane? Human Remains Show Signs Of Explosion
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Barely a week after the tragic fate of the EgyptAir Flight 804, more information are coming in, leading to what could have potentially caused the tragedy.


Based on the bodies recovered days after the tragic event, it appeared that there was an explosion from the aircraft before it disintegrated into the Mediterranean Sea on Thursday morning. About an hour before the Airbus 320 aircraft was scheduled to arrive in Cairo from Paris, air traffic controllers in Cairo lost contact with the plane’s pilot.

A top official from Cairo familiar with the investigation told the Associated Press via that the bodies he examined at a Cairo morgue showed indicative signs that the explosions emanated inside the aircraft. The officer, however, refused to be named pending the final report of the investigation.

“The logical explanation is that an explosion brought it down, there isn’t even a whole body part, like an arm or a head. But I cannot say what caused the blast,” the officer, part of the investigating body, reportedly told the AP.

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The officer added that so far, around 80 fragments of human body parts have been brought onshore from the site where the airplane was spotted. He added that there have been no large body parts recovered so far, such as whole arms or head. From the recovered fragments, one showed severe burns, which could indicate that the person was close to the explosive.

In a separate report from Mirror, a shocking theory, aimed to explain the sudden disappearance of the airplane, has surfaced. It points to the possibility of a meteor hitting the plane, considering that a 10,000-ton meteor hit the Earth’s atmosphere on Tuesday.

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