Edward Snowden Girlfriend: Facts About Lindsey Mills And Her Relationship With Controversial Ex-CIA Employee

Edward Snowden Girlfriend: Facts About Lindsey Mills And Her Relationship With Controversial Ex-CIA Employee
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Being the love interest of a spy sounds very exciting, however that doesn’t seem to be the case for Edward Snowden girlfriend. To be connected with a man wanted by the most powerful country required serious changes to Lindsey Mills, including moving to Russia!


After “Snowden” was released, the man whom the movie is based upon was asked regarding its accuracy. It showed the first meeting between him and the budding photographer Mills, which Snowden confirmed to be 100% accurate.

According to Heavy, despite the media reported that she was abandoned, Edward Snowden girlfriend actually stayed with him even after he left for Russia. True enough she knew nothing about her boyfriend’s plans but still they did not break up.

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Snowden himself said that the media’s portrayal of Lindsey Mills, much like his own, isn’t quite fair. While he was portrayed as a traitor to his own country and government after he left, Mills was treated as fair game.

Edward Snowden’s Girlfriend Unfairly Treated By The Media

“It’s all too easy to be buried under a narrative that isn’t quite true.” Snowden says. He added that this is especially true when you are not given an opportunity to tell your side. Even as lies about you are being peddled all around for all to see.

Snowden does recognize the sacrifices his girlfriend has done in order for them to stay together even after what transpired. He says that her love for him is something he cannot repay.

The two were together when Snowden allegedly “disappeared” and many feared for the worst. It was not until he resurfaced to reveal that he and Mills were actually on vacation that the rumor finally died down.

The work of Edward Snowden’s girlfriend as a photographer was also tackled in the movie. For a man accused of espionage, he and his girlfriend seemed to love document their experiences together.

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