Ed Sheeran Makes Special Appearance In ‘Home And Away,’ Romance Between Zac And Leah Rekindles

Ed Sheeran Makes Special Appearance In ‘Home And Away,’ Romance Between Zac And Leah Rekindles
Ed Sheeran @ Wembley 28 Mark Kent / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Ed Sheeran’s voice has a magical aura; at least, it’s suggested in Tuesday night’s episode of “Home and Away.”  The international superstar made a guest appearance in the show and took to center stage of Angelo’s restaurant.


As he sings his chart-topping Thinking Out Loud, the romance between Zac MacGuire (Charlie Clausen) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) rekindles.

Ed Sheeran was in Summer Bay in order to pay a visit to friend Marilyn Chambers, played by Emily Symons. Ed thought of dropping into the restaurant and took his guitar to give that swooning performance. The couple, Zac and Leah, who called off their engagement just a night prior to that, could not get their hands off each other.

Just a few days before in “Home and Away,” Zac found out that he is the father of sixteen-year-old Hunter King. That brought a tussle between the duo and they eventually broke off.

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The performance had a spell for sure as there were other couples who started feeling the connection instantly. Evelyn MacGuire (Philippa Northeast) and Josh Barrett (Jackson Gallagher) also felt a connection with each other. Evelyn walked away from their long-term relationship after she found that Josh was on drugs.

As far as Marilyn and Ed Sheeran’s friendship is concerned, the lady did not have an idea how popular her friend was until she saw fans going crazy for him. She met Ed in London while she was living there.

Alec Snow, who plays Matt Page in the show, said, “There was a lot of hype having a guy with his status on the show but Ed was really nice and a real genuine guy.” It was an amazing experience for him to work with the star. Alec’s character was given a chance to have a dialogue with the English star.

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