Ed Sheeran Finally Appears On ‘Home And Away’

Ed Sheeran Finally Appears On ‘Home And Away’
Ed Sheeran @ Wembley 28 Mark Kent / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

It’s finally time for Ed Sheeran to appear on “Home and Away.” Fans were waiting for the singer on the show. It was shown yesterday and received a good response from fans.


Ed Sheeran, who is a British singer, is also popular in the U.S. and Australia. This could be well understood with fans eagerly waiting for the episode to be telecast. The acting was good and Ed can consider acting as a career option in the future.

Ed played a singer who is in Summer Bay to visit his friend. His friend Marilyn Chambers played by Emily Symmons does not know that Ed is so popular. She is very excited to see her friend but she does not know her beloved “Teddy” is the Ed Sheeran of today.

That could not be kept hidden for long as fans went ecstatic to see such personality. The singer performedn “Thinking Out Loud,” one of his popular numbers, for his fans as he took the stage. The fans were overwhelmed.

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Later in the episode Ed agreed to perform at a concert which can provide a romantic setting for some of the characters of the show to rekindle their love.

The episodes of “Home and Away” were shot when Ed Sheeran was there in Australia for his visit. It was earlier this year and now it was shown. It is also going to be shown in the UK. Ed is in love with the Australian connection and that may be the sole reason why he agreed to be part of “Home and Away.”