Ebru Dallikavak Says Emily Simms Regrets Walking Out From ‘The Bachelor Australia’

Ebru Dallikavak Says Emily Simms Regrets Walking Out From ‘The Bachelor Australia’

Emily Simms walked out from “The Bachelor Australia” following a conflict with co-contestants. While this news is already served, the story behind the scene is yet to be unfolded. According to latest rumors, the princess of the show is regretting her decision to leave the show midway.


Emily did not wait for a second when she was left beside fellow bachelorette Nina Rolleston during the last episode. Dallikavak, the fellow contestant who ran after Emily, said it was a silly move by Emily to leave the show. Ebru, 30-year-old from Melbourne, was herself eliminated from the show by Sam wood.

Ebru said in an interview with News.com.au, “I was actually yelling at her for walking out on Sam and on the rose ceremony … and I was just telling her to come back inside but she didn’t want to come back.” She also said, “I told her, ‘at the end of the day you’re there for Sam, you’re not there for Nina. It doesn’t matter what your problem is with Nina.’

Emily was not going to accept the fact that she is in the bottom two with Nina. In Ebru’s words, “And, unfortunately the fact that she was in the bottom two with Nina got the better of her.”

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Dallikavak plans to stay in contact with Simms even after the show. She believes Emily is shown as the villain of the show for wrong reasons. “A lot of things have been said on the show. She’s come across as this year’s villain and she’s a b*tch, but deep down inside she’s an amazing person, she’s really kind-hearted,” she said.

According to Dallikavak, Emily is a good person. “The Bachelor Australia” has now reached its final six and will continue to telecast on Wednesday and Thursday.

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