Earthquake Doomsday For California: Man Who Predicted Nepal Tremor Says US State Will Get Hit With M8.8 Shocker

Earthquake Doomsday For California: Man Who Predicted Nepal Tremor Says US State Will Get Hit With M8.8 Shocker
Gary Carroll, search and rescue team dog handler UK Department for International Development/Flickr CC by 2.0

The day came and went smoothly for California, but no 8.8+ magnitude earthquake happened on Thursday. At least that’s what a YouTube video that has gone viral predicted.


Frank Hoogerbeets, who describes himself as an earthquake enthusiast, said in the video that a planetary alignment out there in space will trigger the massive quake. He even provided an exact time – the world will shake around California at 4 p.m. PT (7 p.m. ET).

Hoogerbeets claimed he had perfectly predicted the recent catastrophic tremor in Nepal in April that killed more than 8,800 people and injured more than 23,000.

Now the more credible scientists had long said it is not easy to predict forthcoming earthquakes. But to Hoogerbeets, his statements sound like it’s just a piece of cake. How? He based them in the alignment of the planets.

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“Towards the end of the 26th and on the 27th we may see the first signs of the powerful convergence of planetary alignments growing full on the 28th and 29th,” Hoogerbeets said in an update to his first video. “Everyone near fault lines and other seismically active areas, but especially around the Pacific Ocean should be on alert during the critical days ahead.”

But Phil Plait, of Slate’s Bad Astronomy blog, flatly blasted the forecast. He said that even if the planets out there do make alignment, they are just so far from the Earth to make any gravitational influence that could result to an earthquake.

“Let me be clear: No, it won’t,” he wrote. “It can’t. Worse, there’s not even really an alignment on that date, at least not with the Earth. It’s all baloney.”

On the Twitter account of Ditrianum, an organization Hoogerbeets founded, the Dutch guy advised everyone to be on alert.

Ditrianum, according to its website, is a Netherlands-based “non-profit organization initially founded to investigate through number analysis energies that surround us everywhere and to promote the science of number theory and numerology to a broader public.”

True or not, Mary Jo Flynn, a staff at the Sacramento Office of Emergency Services, told Fox59 they are always ready for everything. “We are always prepared for an earthquake [and all other disasters],” Flynn said. OES isn’t aware of the viral video, but if for anything, “I trust the science from the [USGS] scientists we work with,” she said.

The YouTube video below: