‘The Duckbill’ Oregon Rock Destroyed: See Actual Video Of Vandals Laughing While Toppling Landmark

‘The Duckbill’ Oregon Rock Destroyed: See Actual Video Of Vandals Laughing While Toppling Landmark
Cape Kiwanda Thomas Shahan CC BY 2.0

The sandstone rock formation at Cape Kiwanda at the Oregon coast park collapsed this week.


The “duckbill rock” was reportedly destroyed by people, according to a video that shows a group pushing the rock until it falls.

David Kalas, who was helping his friend Michael Kel take a video, said he believed the group of people were posing for a picture on the rock. He then heard screams. Upon going over to the rock, he and his friend saw it was wobbling.

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“We looked over and there were probably 8 guys pushing over the rock,” Kel said, as reported by KOIN. “They kind of just laughed it off and took it with pride that they destroyed something so magnificent and disappeared after. It had no meaning to them whatsoever.”

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Kalas said he asked the people why they were pushing the rock. “The reply I got was: their buddy broke their leg earlier because of that rock,” Kalas said, as reported by KATU. “They basically told me themselves that it was a safety hazard, and that they did the world or Oregon a favor.”

Kalas said that after the rock fell, the group took some pictures then left. “They were just standing on top of the rubble of the rock, laughing, smiling, giggling,” Kalas said. “I just want them to learn a lesson you know, because if they do this here they will probably do it elsewhere.”

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The formation had been frequently visited by tourists. Six deaths on nearby cliffs in the last two years prompted authorities to make the area of the park off-limits; the rock formation was in the same area.

“There’s a good reason this area is fenced off,” Chris Havel, spokesman for the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, said, as reported by the Statesman Journal. “It might look safe, but this is exactly what sandstone does: It gives out, often without warning.”

In 2014, two former Boy Scout leaders toppled a rock formation in Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park, as reported by the Oregon Live. The two men were fined more than $2,000 and sentenced to a year in probation.

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