Dubai Breaks Own Record, To Build New World’s Tallest Building

Dubai Breaks Own Record, To Build New World’s Tallest Building
The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour Youtube / EmaarDubai
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For more than six years, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa holds the record as the world tallest building, a title that will soon be taken by another building. But the good news is, it’s still in Dubai, and by the same company that built the towering building.


Emaar Properties, the construction firm that built Burj Khalifa at 828 meters, has for the first time released the first video of its newest creation—The Tower. The $1 billion building will be built in Dubai’s Creek Harbour, the Emirates 24|7 reported.

But Mohamed Alabbar, Emaar Properties’ Charman, refused to divulge the height of the new tallest building in the world. He, however, said it would absolutely be taller than Burj Khalifa.

The report added that The Tower’s inauguration date would be announced later. But the project’s developers eye to have the building operational in time for Dubai’s hosting of the Expo 2020, which will run from October 20, 2020 to April 10, 2021.

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“Of course, when it comes to financing a project like this we have to think about the revenue model. A monument like this where we will have probably close to 18 floors with different uses and a boutique hotel at the top… the company has enough resources to fund it. But I think it will probably be 50 equity and 50 debt,” Alabbar was quoted as saying by the Emirates 24|7.

Based on a separate report from the Khaleej Times, the massive engineering project in Dubai will be built in a 6-square kilometer commercial complex. It added that Dubai’s and the world’s newest tallest building would highlight the fusion of nature and modern-day engineering design.

“An idea so grand, it needed one vision to build it, a vision with a new point of view, So that when you look at the world the world will now look back you,” the project video teaser shows.

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