Choked & Punched: Draymond Green Attacked MSU Football Player Jermaine Edmondson Twice!

Choked & Punched: Draymond Green Attacked MSU Football Player Jermaine Edmondson Twice!
Draymond Green, part of the 2015 Golden State Warriors Championship Team in Oakland, Ca. Lpdrew / Wikimedia Commons cc
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Draymond Green is once again in the hot seat after assaulting another athlete in a restaurant. The victim is Michigan State football player Jermaine Edmondson who was allegedly punched in the face.


The Golden State Warriors forward was arrested on charges of simple assault early Sunday. Green was later released on a $200 bail with his arraignment scheduled on July 20.

According to ESPN, if convicted, the NBA player will face 93 days in jail and a $500 fine.  Apparently this wasn’t the first scuffle between the two as Edmondson later revealed.

According to the police report, the football player had an earlier encounter with Draymon Green Friday night. The GSW forward bumped into Edmondson and when the MSU player called him out, he and his girlfriend were choked by Green’s companions.

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The NBA player also said to Edmondson that “I pay for n—as like you scholarships.” He and his girlfriend later went to Conrads Grill in East Lansing where he noticed Green was also there.

When he noticed him talking to his roommate, he decided to tell him that what happened on Friday wasn’t cool. That is when, Edmondson told police, that things began to escalate.

According to Deadspin, Green put his hand on Edmondson and tried to talk to him but he told the NBA star to get off him. That’s when he slapped him with one officer reporting that the sound of the slap was very loud.

Another officer in the scene reported that he heard a loud smack. Jermaine Edmondson said that he didn’t need any medical attention and will not press charges against Green.

The GSW player was later brought to the East Lansing police station where he was tested for alcohol. His results revealed high blood alcohol levels and he was not permitted to leave until he was sober.

Jermaine Edmondson later backtracked on his statement and said that he will indeed press charges against Draymond Green.

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