Draymond Green Apologizes To Warriors For Locker Room Outburst

Draymond Green Apologizes To Warriors For Locker Room Outburst
Draymond Green Keith Allison / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Draymond Green apologized to his Golden State Warriors teammates Monday for his locker room outburst at the halftime break of the team’s OT victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday night.


Green, annoyed at taking only 3 shots through the first half, reportedly yelled the following at coach Steve Kerr and his teammates: “I am not a robot. I know I can play. You have me messed up right now. If you don’t want me to shoot, I won’t shoot the rest of the game.”

Green, hailed as the team’s emotional and vocal leader, released a lengthy statement on Monday, admitting that he let emotions get the best of him. “You know I made a mistake, I admitted my mistakes to my teammates, my coaching staff. I apologize to my teammates, my coaching staff, this organization. That wasn’t the right way to handle what needed to be handled,” said the all-star forward.

Draymond Green’s promise…

“As a leader of this team, I can’t do that because it sets a bad precedent for how everything is ran around here, for how everything should be ran, for how everything has been ran, and how everything will be ran going forward. It won’t happen again,” added Green.

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The league’s triple-double leader also refuted reports that he threatened to quit on his team during the halftime break. “I will never quit on my coaching staff, I will never quit on this organization. This organization has given me everything that I can ask for. So I support and represent this organization to the best of my ability. That’s not who I am. That’s not who I’ve been and not who I will become.”

Not a quitter…

Stephen Curry, the Warriors superstar, acknowledged that Green would “never quit” on his teammates. “He’s invested in what we’re doing. Obviously he’s an emotional guy, a fiery guy, that’s what we love about him, what he brings to the court. It spilled over to the locker room,” said the reigning league MVP.

Steve Kerr, the Warriors coach, wanted to move past the outburst. “We don’t care. This is the way life is these days. There’s 24-hour sports talk shows on radio and on TV. We’re in the spotlight because of our record. So it doesn’t bother us that everyone’s talking about it. We know, handled it internally, and we all love each other and we’re all good,” said the second-year coach.

If anything, Draymond Green reminded the world the kind of competitor he is. This is a team that went into Saturday’s game with a 52-5 record. But Green & Co. played like they were fighting for a playoff spot. Amazing.

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