Drake’s ‘Views From The 6’ Spotify, Tidal & Amazon Release Dates

Drake’s ‘Views From The 6’ Spotify, Tidal & Amazon Release Dates
Drake Live at Walmart Soundcheck Lunchbox LP / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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Drake’s Views has been gaining quite the momentum as anticipation remains high for the album release. For those wondering how they can get their hands on the album or listen to it then Spotify, Tidal and Amazon may just have the answer.


Apple Music already got the exclusive release of the album last Friday but for those who are accessing music somewhere else, the question now is: are there other options? While Drake may have appeared to have a strong relationship with Apple Music – what with the company sponsoring Hotline Bling’s video and his tour – it appears the artist remains at true streaming player.

Buzzfeed reported that while Views will be on Apple Music exclusively from April 29, it will only be for a week. After that period, Views should be pretty much become more accessible. From May 6, the full album will also be available on Spotify and similar platforms. Spotify, however, clarified to Buzzfeed: “Drake’s View From The 6 is not yet available on Spotify, but we look forward to having it very soon.”

Romper added that while Drake may appear to be concerned about his fans, such move is also beneficial to him financially. Previously, his album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late achieved streaming records on Spotify so doing it again may be a good deal.

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According to Red Bull, Views will also be available via Amazon.com and iTunes starting May 6. People are preorder it through the said stores. As the album will reportedly be in major streaming sites, it should be no surprise that it could find its way to Tidal as well.

Reviews remain moderate for the album and Drake. “Views earns its 19-track runtime by evolving as it goes, its leaves turning different shades … The album may be his most sonically vibrant,” claimed SPIN’s Andrew Unterberger. Nonetheless, “if this ends up as the Drake album people find the most agreeable, it’ll also be the one few fans consider their favorite.”

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  • Timed exclusivity sucks. It just pushes people to pirate more.