Drake, Hailey Baldwin Dating: Revenge On Justin Bieber?

Drake, Hailey Baldwin Dating: Revenge On Justin Bieber?
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Drake, Hailey Baldwin dating? Are they the newest couple or is Baldwin using Drake to make Justin Bieber jealous?


According to E News, Justin Bieber is still very much the love of Baldwin’s life, so she is not interested in starting something romantic with Drake. This, despite the fact that they have been spotted lately more than once.

E News learned from a source that Baldwin and Drake might have gone out together, but nothing romantic is going on between them. Another source explained that they might be in these famous spots hanging out but they were certainly not acting like how two people dating would act.

The two sparked the rumors in the first place by being spotted at not only one, but two restaurants. Baldwin, 19, and Drake, 29, were seen at the famous Ysabel restaurant and then later, at The Nice Guy, another popular establishment, as reported by Hollywood Life.

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“Drake and [Hailey Baldwin] were most certainly on a date Tuesday night. They started the night at Ysabel restaurant on Fairfax and they finished the night back at his place!” the source said. “After dinner, they went to Nice Guy for a bit before going back to his place. He was a gentleman the whole time, opening doors for Hailey and things like that.”

If the so-called dates did not happen, could this be Hailey’s way of making Bieber jealous after the “Sorry” singer went out with an actress?

E News dished that Bieber just recently went out on a date with “Bates Motel” actress Nicola Peltz. Moreover, they plan on having a second date. Hailey reportedly heard of the date and felt “disrespected.”

“[Hailey] always has been such a good friend to him and she feels disrespected by many things he has done lately. She was very upset about the date that he just went on with Nicola,” the source shared. “Hailey wants to be with Justin but he is just always back and forth with her and that drives her mad.”

On Drake’s part, going out with Hailey just might mean he’s already going back to the dating game and has moved on from Rihanna.

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