Drake, DJ Khaled ‘For Free’ Spotify Release Date: June 17 Confirmed?

Drake, DJ Khaled ‘For Free’ Spotify Release Date: June 17 Confirmed?
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Drake and DJ Khaled’s “For Free” is one of the hottest rap releases today. The question is, will it be released on Spotify soon? Probably June 17?


Drake and Dj Khaled dropped their third collaboration on June 3, entitled “For Free” on Apple Music’s Beats 1 with Zane Lowe, as reported by USA Today.

Those who have not yet listened to it are missing out because the song has a very catchy beat to it. If you listen to it once, you’ll be wanting to listen to it in a loop. This brings us to the question of whether it will even be released on Spotify — and if not soon, when?

Will Drake and DJ Khaled release it soon since it is now dropped through Apple Music? It can be remembered that Drake made sure his fans stew for around two weeks after releasing his “Views from the 6” last month exclusively through Apple Music first before releasing it on Spotify.

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Will he do the same thing again for his new songs, “For Free” included? So if the song was dropped June 3, can we expect a June 17 spotify release date, at least?

Even though this is mainly DJ Khaled’s song and Drake is just a feature, it does make sense for DJ Khaled to respect Drake’s wishes if this is the latter’s strategy for all of his songs of late.

While there is no clear Spotify release date yet, fans should not lose hope or fear that the song will not appear on Spotify as soon as possible. Considering it was once analyzed that half of Spotify’s active worldwide users are “Drake” listeners, it does not make sense either to withhold the music from that platform.

Drake has been very busy this past week. After DJ Khaled dropped their collaboration, Drake also unveiled three more new tracks, two of them strong collaborations with other hot artists as well — Justin Bieber and Gucci Mane, as reported by Rolling Stone.

The songs he released are his own “4PM in Calabasas,” a Gucci Mane collaboration titled “Back on Road” and Justin Bieber’s remix of “Views” smash hit “One Dance.” Now the question is, will they have their Spotify release dates soon too?

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