‘Dragon’s Breath’ Dessert: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Balls Safe To Eat?

‘Dragon’s Breath’ Dessert: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Balls Safe To Eat?
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An eating joint in Los Angeles serves a dessert that lets people breathe smoke out of their mouths and nostrils.


Called Dragon’s Breath, the smoke that people are able to exhale after eating the dessert is caused by liquid nitrogen. The dessert, served by LA‘s Chocolate Chair, constitutes of cereal puffs served with liquid nitrogen poured over them. Flash freezing it, the liquid nitrogen gives it a fog-like texture.

Customers can buy extra dipping sauces to add more flavor to the dessert. These sauces are available in several flavors like chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. According to an employee at the store, the sauce is made from a combination of nonfat yogurt and syrup, the Los Angeles Magazine reports.

However, one must consider the warning signs at the shop that emphasize the dangers of consuming liquid nitrogen. Written in large bold letters, the signs read, “Nitrogen Liquid can be dangerous. Please do not touch nor ingest nitrogen liquid.”

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The liquid nitrogen poured over the cereal puffs gets evaporated so it is safe to consume the cereal. However, the liquid that gets settled at the bottom of the cup should not be touched or drank.

The product has become immensely popular among customers. The store shared pictures of customers lining up outside the store to get a bite of the delicacy. People have shared videos eating the dessert and breathing smoke out of their mouths and nostrils, as reported by the Daily Mail.

One person wrote, “Checking out what the fuss is all about. Dragon’s breath.” Another said, “Not tasty at all…but makes for some cool photos/videos.”

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While Chocolate Chair has been making Dragon’s Breath for quite a few years, it was after a viral video that the store experienced massive upsurge in its sales.

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