‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 49 Spoilers: Black Goku Not A Saiyan; Connected With Supreme Kais

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 49 Spoilers: Black Goku Not A Saiyan; Connected With Supreme Kais
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“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 49 saw Black Goku arrive at the present timeline from the future. This places Son Goku directly in his sights as he continues to hunt down the Saiyans.


But will the mysterious foe really fight the most powerful Saiyan alive? After he shows a ring that makes him capable of traveling through time, fans have been speculation that he is somehow connected to the Supreme Kais.

Black Goku Not A Saiyan

According to Hall of Fame Magazine, it is possible that Black Goku is not a Saiyan despite his appearance. He could be connected to the Supreme Kais as he possesses a ring that was previously believed to only belong to the Kais.

Additionally, he has yet to transform into a Super Saiyan despite the obvious power boost it brings. Does this mean that he is not related to Goku or the Saiyans at all and is not hunting Saiyans due to their race?

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Black Goku Connected To The Supreme Kais

Design and Trend revealed that despite Goku seemingly getting the upper hand over his enemy during their battle. His foe might be hiding a trump card and even cracks a smile as he is getting beat up, sort of.

Is Black Goku holding back in his fight against Goku in Dragon Ball Super Episode 50? If he is there is probably more to him than just his appearance. His powers might be coming from another source and not from what many believed to be his Saiyan appearance.

Is Black Goku an enforcer of the Supreme Kais sent between worlds and time to punish some wrong Future Trunks and Goku had done? What will this mean for the defenders of Earth now faced with a powerful and mysterious enemy?

Will the Z Fighters and Future Trunks prevent Black Goku’s plans? Catch Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 to find out what happens next.

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