Dr. Ted Noel: Facts About Doctor Who Said Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s Disease

Dr. Ted Noel: Facts About Doctor Who Said Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s Disease
Hillary Clinton in Hampton, NH Marc Nozell / Flickr CC
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Those who are closely monitoring events leading up to the US presidential elections must have heard by now rumors suggesting that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease.


This bit of news may be surprising for some, particularly for those who believe the former US Secretary of State is in the pink of health.

Allegations such as this are not uncommon, especially during the campaign season wherein candidates are expected to throw everything at their opponent – including the kitchen sink.

However, Dr. Ted Noel, an anesthesiologist based in Orlando, Florida, believes that Hillary Clinton is afflicted by Parkinson’s disease, according to Snopes.

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In a 16-minute video, titled “Hillary Clinton’s Illness Revealed,” the physician starts his argument with a disclaimer:

“I am a medical doctor with 36 years of experience, but I am not Hillary Clinton’s treating physician, so I can’t claim that what I’m about to tell you is a conclusive diagnosis.”

But who actually is Dr. Noel? What motivated him to make such a speculation? Is he supporting another presidential candidate and is merely trying to discredit the reputation of the former first lady?

Here are a few known facts about the doctor who claims that he has presidential nominee’s health condition all figured out.

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First, Dr. Ted Noel is a board-certified physician with 36 years of experience — as an anesthesiologist.

This is not to say that he is incapable of recognizing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, but the thing is, if a patient had Parkinson’s, he’d most likely see a neurologist, not an anesthesiologist.

Second, Dr. Noel hasn’t personally diagnosed Hillary Clinton, and therefore, isn’t qualified to make an accurate assessment of her actual medical condition. Doing so would be purely unethical.

And third, the doctor is clearly a conspiracy theorist, as his allegations are anchored on the fact that the legislator from New York’s family, friends and colleagues may already know she is afflicted by the disease but are moving heaven and earth to make sure nobody knows about it.

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Info Wars, however, seems to be convinced that Dr. Tel Noel may have substantial proof that the presidential candidate isn’t as healthy as she would like people to believe.

“…a medical doctor with 36 years of experience named Ted Noel puts the pieces together and explains how he reached his conclusion that Hillary Clinton is suffering with Parkinson’s Disease. I think that you will find that his reasoning is quite compelling…,” the website, which specializes in conspiracy theories, alleged.

Rumors that Hillary Clinton may have Parkinson’s disease will continue to gain ground as long as personalities like Dr. Ted Noel continue to spread such news that aim to condition the minds of the voting public.

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  • David J. Adams

    There is nothing unethical about Dr. Noel’s diagnosis based on Hillary Clinton’s released medical records, documented hospitalizations, mannerisms, and pervasive circumstances. He is making an educated diagnosis based on materials available much as a pathologist would make a diagnosis from gross examination, records evaluation, history of past illnesses and facts. He is making as valid a guess as the person who wrote this hack piece, but Dr. Noel has a medical degree under his belt and 36 years of care in critical settings. Check that.

    • Gerard MB Pean

      you should know,you were there and you are definitely a world renowned doctor right?

      • Turd Ferguson

        Wake up, Mr. Pean. You have a better explanation for ALL the evidence presented by Dr. Noel? We’d love to hear it.

        • Todd20036

          He’s looking to make Clinton sicker than she is because he’s a Trumpanzee

          • Joe

            She has some serious health issues.

      • les des

        You have Tourette’s? you’ve repeated the same poorly worded comment multiple times.

    • trashcup

      What medical school graduated this clown? He missed his class on Medical Ethics 101 for sure and an anesthesiologist has no business diagnosing someone at arms length without knowing ALL the medical facts. It’s totally irresponsible.

      • Robert Colvin

        He begins his video by telling you where he graduated from. He then mentions he doesn’t have all of the facts. It seems you are commenting on a video you haven’t watched. Please view it here so that you don’t make comments “without knowing ALL the … facts.” After all, as you said, that’s “… totally irresponsible.”

        In his written piece that he did before making his video he also had this to say: “It is not appropriate for a physician to make a diagnosis at a distance. But since the evidence in the public record so strongly suggests that HRC has moderate to advanced PD, it is imperative that HRC release her complete medical record to an impartial panel of physicians for review. It is not necessary for the public at large to see them. Such a panel should be secure in its deliberations and should present a summary to the public. If she has PD, the panel would know and it would be made public. If not, then the air would clear.



        • trashcup

          If it’s not appropriate for a doctor to diagnose anyone long distance like the doctor says then he’s an idiot for doing it without having all the test results in hand. In fact it’s irresponsible. All this guy wants to do is stir the crappolla. Who knows maybe Brietbart paid him to do it

      • Joe

        Weekend at Bernie’s…….you should watch it.

    • Tony

      According to a vast majority of doctors, who roundly criticized :Dr. Drew” Pinsky for making for his public declarations of “grave concern” about Clinton’s health without ever having examined her, such actions and psuedo-diagnoses are considered to be highly inappropriate at the least, and some do say unethical.

    • 1ndependentOne

      He emphatically and repeatedly stated that his commentary was NOT a diagnosis, but rather it was a medical opinion based on his observations and years of experience. Please, if you choose to judge, judge based on the facts.

  • tvwweek

    I found Noel’s discussion about Parkinson’s interesting generally. Especially the long term effects of L-Dopa meds and the difficulties getting the dosing right. (My own father was mis-diagnosed with PD about 15 years ago. I researched the issue and got him off the stuff after a week and he recovered just fine. Meds for PD are serious business!)

    Oh ya, lest we forget, Clinton and her top aids were clearly pretty interested in PD meds 5 years ago as evidenced by the leaked e-mails. Somehow the author of this story forgot about that little bit of trivia.

    • oldabatt

      Where can I find these emails? I can guess from which orifice you retrieged them.

    • Greg Turner

      You mean one staffer researched a medication used to combat drowsiness in shift workers. I can’t imagine why someone trying to coordinate discussions between staff in Washington and officials in countries all over the world might be interested in that.

  • kfmccart

    he sounded well informed to me, and quite prescient considering todays events…but i guess it is all just a conspiracy theory right? weekend at hilarys indeed

    • Gerard MB Pean

      you should know,you were there and you are definitely a well renowned doctor right?

      • Turd Ferguson

        Wake up, Mr. Pean.

      • kfmccart

        haha, you need a doctor to tell something is wrong with her? for you i recommend an eye doctor then…

    • trashcup

      any idiot can sound well informed – just look at what Trump does everyday. Being informed on present events doesn’t mean anything about diagnosing someone. Hillary has given more medical records that Trump by far. In fact, we haven’t seen OFFICIAL test results, just a read from Dr. Oz who thinks eating beans is a great way to lose weight because he owns part of the company making the crap.

      Where did this guy go to medical school. We all know incompetent doctors bury their mistakes, so how many mistakes has this guy made? Has he ever been sued for malpractice? And if he had ANY medical ethics, he wouldn’t be making long distance diagnosis of anyone.

  • Joel

    Jenny Disgrace, you can’t face truth even in the face of disgrace. Your “work” is a JOKE. Of course an anesthesiologist can give an opinion and still be ethical. But you are not ethical as a so-called journalist, your stupid obsession with having your heroine as president (or maybe you are paid for writing this BS) is a real threat to national interest. There’s nothing wrong about getting the facts about a presidential candidate, because it affects the entire country. Next week you will be swallowing your stubborn words. I mean, I wish the best to Hillary and her health, but this is serious. Btw, are you a doctor to judge another doctor’s opinion? No, you’re not. Don’t be THIS dumb – I was still giving a thought to whom I’m going to vote for as a lifetime Dem. But this is SERIOUS, so stop the stupid teenage BS now. Act adult in this occasion.

    • trashcup

      First of all Dr. Noel is violating HIPPA rules by even discussing a supposed diagnosis. Someone in the AMA needs to sanction this guy for discussing someone’s health in public.

      • Robert Colvin

        Incorrect. HIPPA does not cover what you are talking about at all. Here’s a site for you to review if you want to learn more about HIPPA: http://www.hhs.gov/hipaa/

      • CPinSL

        HIPPA prevents him from discussing his patients’ information. Clinton is not his patient. He is making his conclusions based on his public observations of a public figure.

    • you asked

      Dr. Noel may have been an anesthesiologist, but what many people have failed to do is research what aspect of anesthesiology he worked in. His field of expertise was treating patients with chronic pain, which would include PD patients.

  • NUTZ

    Jenny Graceless, you’ve sold out a once respected profession to become a useful tool of liberal elites who laugh at your ignorance, but thank you for being such a useful tool.

  • srhardy

    It would be a conspiracy if Hillary wasnt as stiff as a board, being held up and then going all ‘weekend at Burnies’ into a van, where she is OBVIOUSLY getting secretly treated for something. The story it was dehydration does not stand up, nor does the infection. These are CLEARLY seizures! She isnt fit to be the democrat represantive and they MUST know this already. They KNOW she has lied to them and they need to IMMEDIATLY throw the old hagg under a buss (so to speak, she seem to want to do it herself anyway) and get someone else or she will die and trump will win.

    • Gerard MB Pean

      HC was right ……..DEPLORABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Turd Ferguson

        It’s a shame when a candidate labels almost a quarter of the US population “deplorable” by her elitist standards. It’s prejudiced and bigoted of her.

        • Mahatma Flanders

          It’s funny cuz it’s true….anyone who thinks the giant Oompaloompa is attracting thinking, intelligent, open-minded people, deserves him.

          • you asked

            Speaking of being intelligent, just what does “attracting thinking” mean?

            What do you know of the people who support Trump? Have you taken a survey or are you relying solely on what the liberal media tells you to believe? Let me tell you about 4 Trump supporters. I am a retired nurse, so obviously I am college educated. I am also a Vietnam vet who voluntarily enlisted, when I saw so many crying liberals running across the border. I am also the vet who had liberals spit on me & throw tomatoes, eggs & other rotten food on people like myself who were brave enough to do our duty. My husband owns 3 successful businesses that he built up himself. Unlike Obama’s claims that “you didn’t build it” we know my husband did. Obviously Obama is not used to surrounding himself with people who work hard to improve their lives. Our son is also college educated, is a geologist & also has his own successful business. Our daughter in law is also college educated & is a well liked, well respected teacher. So, what’s your theory now, or do you have to wait until the liberals tell you what to say next?

            Unfortunately, voters like myself are tired of our country going down the toilet so that our government can show favoritism to people who break our laws by entering the US illegally & many are drawing social security & welfare, just like BHO own Aunt Zeituni. We are tired of politicians like Obama & HRC allowing disease riddled “refugees” & other illegals, many who are known MS-13 gang members or terrorists, into the US & granting them immediate citizenship, so they can increase their voter base. In case you missed it, even Obama has publicly stated that terrorists have entered the US. We are tired of the liberal media not reporting about the heinous crimes committed by illegal aliens.

            We are tired of the govt. lying to US citizens & showing favoritism to illegals, asking govt. workers to delete anything that might be a phobia & asking them to steal social security numbers, ruining the lives of others.


            What you are seeing is American citizens being crapped on, while the illegals, terrorists , Obama’s & Clinton’s continue to receive $$ off the backs of hard working American citizens who love our country & tired of being taken advantage of in favor of people who want nothing more than to destroy the US.

            Perhaps it is people like you, who are the ones who are unintelligent & blind & deserve Obama & Clinton & everything that comes with their lies & deceit.

          • Mahatma Flanders

            “…is attracting thinking, intelligent, open-minded people….” is what I wrote. Reading comprehension problem? I’d say you are a brainwashed (but I bet a light rinse did the trick) reactionary and I didn’t need anybody to tell me to think that. It’s right there in your rant. Where do you think The Trumpster got his wealth? If you guessed off the backs (or more accurately by breaking the backs) of hard working people then I take back everything I’ve said. Fact Check: Phil Ruffin lies about Trump’s record paying his bills …
            Truth is, Trump has failed to pay his bills time and time again and even shorted some of his … I delivered the pianos, and I waited and I waited to get paid.
            You’re awfully afraid of immigrants it seems. Hate to break it to you but the government has been lying to us for a long time (see Gulf of Tonkin incident, for example). If you thing they’re gonna start a truth campaign if that lying sack of shit gets elected, you oughta enroll in Trump University for some more “edukayshun”. One last question; how many Mexicans do you know?

          • CPinSL

            Well said. And thank you for your service.

      • demetri

        HC fooled you. Sorry.

    • Louis Genevie

      The people who are protecting Clinton…from knowledge of her illness and her crimes and corruption should be arrested when the truth comes out.

  • Scirel

    Did you bother to give Snopes credit for supplying all the info for your “story”?

    Let’s see – cntl+F – type s-n-o-p…

    ummm, nope, you didn’t.

    • jt3z

      Snopes is garbage

      • Scirel

        Yes, it could be renamed “Democratic talking points depot.”

  • No Free Lunches

    The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

  • Vladimir Trump

    The more that the intolerable Right makes an issue of Hillary’s health, the more is appears to be just another act in their production of events that are meant to bring her down. They failed miserable with the Benghazi Clownshow. The FBI found no basis for Right Wing claims of criminality on her part. Now the deplorables think they have the “final solution” with their health conspiracy. LOL. Voters are quickly becoming wise to the game and laughing at the rubes who fail over and over again to defeat her.

    • CPinSL

      Sip the kool-aid, don’t gulp it.

    • les des

      So a woman who couldn’t move and took ten secret service agents to get her into a van, has coughing fits that go one for more than four minutes and has had multiple neurological problems, is somehow a “conspiracy theory”? This is the only phrase you left wing fruitcakes know. You don’t know how to think, just bleat back what you’ve been hypnotized to believe.

      • NoCalDataDiva

        Enough with the “left wing fruitcakes” crapola! Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein supporters are the only true progressives now, and are much further to the left than the neoliberal Democratic candidates – and we embrace this line of questioning wholeheartedly. HRC is unfit to serve in all possible ways: physically, medically, mentally, psychologically, morally, and legally.

  • SoCalConvert

    Her documented dyskenisia, dysphagia, and ataxia all point to her being neurologically compromised and attempts to explain it away as “dehydration” or “pneumonia” isn’t plausible. HRC’s health (or lack of it) is a national security concern in any election.

  • aerp

    Parkinson’s is diagnosed by observation, no test to show it. The fact that Dr Noel is an anesthesiologist does not mean he cannot recognise the signs and symptoms of an illness. He is a medical practitioner who specialises in Anesthetics. Clinton does show the signs of a neurological condition. She has a “pill rolling tremor” in one of the news conferences she did last year. Who have to take Dr Noel seriously he has a much wider knowledge base than the reporter. Has anyone asked how a women who is stinking rich, surrounded by servants and aides gets dehydrated? This is a symptom that occurs with a loss of fluid from the body. You either vomit, sweat or pee for to get like this. Just this latest incident she was supposedly diagnoses with pneumonia, one of the standard protocols for the treatment of pneumonia is “keep hydrated”. So why were her minions not giving her fluids. She has water with her all the time at rallies so why was there none on this occasion? Especially as she supposedly has fainted due to dehydration in the past. Either she has hired dumb medics or this was not the issue.

    • trashcup

      WE don’t have to take Noel seriously at all. We have no clue what his abilities are other than what he says they are. Sorry – not buying it. People get dehydrated all the time you’re probably dehydrated right now and don’t know it.

      • aerp

        Who is WE The royal we?? In fact your answer tells me you are a member of the “Neutropenic” club, an out an out Clinton brown nose. Have a good day and watch out for green frogs!

      • you asked

        He wasn’t talking specifically about her collapse on 09/11. Watch his tape & he provides numerous examples of bizarre eye movement, stops talking & stares & inability to get up steps or in cars without assistance. As an anesthesiologist whose career is treating patients with chronic pain, I’m sure he has seen his fair share of PD patients in 36 years of practice.

        Dr. Noel isn’t the only doctor to question her odd behavior. Unfortunately speaking up against the royal highness often times cost people their jobs. As a now retired nurse, I knew exactly what he was talking about & how the symptoms are consistent with PD. But, maybe someone without medical experience may not comprehend his talking points. Of course, if you would research PD, you would know that he is absolutely correct that her symptoms are consistent with PD.

        Maybe one day, when HRC requires a walker, she will finally admit she has PD. Nah, knowing her, she will just claim she sprained her ankle doing yoga.

        • trashcup

          Doing diagnosis by long distance watching videos isn’t what competent intelligent doctors who have taken and lived by the hippocratic oath would do. This guy either needs to get more patients or retire and find something else to do

          • you asked

            You just proved that you don’t know squat & are just blabbering nonsense. Dr. Noel is retired. BTW, the only way to diagnose a PD patient is by exactly how Dr. Noel did – by the symptoms displayed by the patient.

      • Joe

        Hahaha,…wow are you naive.

    • you asked

      Dr. Noel, MD is an anesthesiologist, but he doesn’t put people to sleep before surgery. His practice entails treating patients with chronic pain, which would include patients with PD.

      As a nurse with 30+ years experience, you are correct that there isn’t a test to confirm PD. It involves making a diagnosis strictly by the symptoms of the patient.

      Dr. Noel, MD gave his opinion based on the symptoms he has seen on videotapes of HRC numerous bizarre facial movements as well as her history of falls & other info. But, Dr. Noel isn’t the type of anesthesiologist who sedates people prior to surgery. He treated patients who suffered from chronic pain. These types of doctors are a blessing as I also see an anesthesiologist for back pain, instead of resorting to surgery for a herniated disk.

      For those who don’t want to hear what Dr. Noel has to say, that is your prerogative, but don’t complain later when the truth comes out. Believe me, sooner or later it will & HRC will have to admit she had health problems before she ever decided to run for POTUS. Maybe the naysayers would prefer to read the emails released by Wikileaks. They clearly show that HRC has been having problems since at least 2011. For instance HRC foreign policy adviser, sent an email to HRC on 10/24/2011 where he researched the medication Provigil for HRC. This med is prescribed for patients with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or MS.

      Another email between Huma Abedin & HRC aide, Monica Hanley was interesting as Huma stated that HRC is “often confused” & at the time of the email, HRC was already taking a nap. Or maybe people would prefer to read email that Cheryl Mills sent to HRC on 08/19/2011. The email was entitled “Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?” To which HRC replied back, “Wow that is spooky descriptive”.

      It is clear that HRC has had a health issue for at least 5 years & is keeping it secret, just like the phony diagnosis of pneumonia when HRC couldn’t walk on 09/11. Or how about the videotapes where HRC “short circuits” & is unable to talk. On one occasion, you can hear her handler say “you’re doing OK, keep talking”. He says this several times & HRC has her fake cackle & says “OK, we’re going to keep talking”. On another occasion, she has another episode where she stops in mid sentence, stares straight ahead & a few minutes later, she partially recovers & stutters & then starts talking about a totally different topic. I have also researched her hacking cough & this also didn’t begin during this campaign. Go back & watch her Benghazi testimony, where they had to take a break so she could get water for her cough.

  • CPinSL

    Dr. Noel specifically states that he is not HER doctor, he does NOT have her medical records, and he is NOT making a diagnosis. He is observing what we all can see (if you actually choose to) and making educated deductions based on what he sees, based on his 36 years in the medical field. What part of that, Ms. Grace, don’t you understand? Yes, he may be an anesthesiologist, but they need to know more about a patient’s condition than some general doctors – one wrong drug and they’ve got a dead patient. So, yes, he probably DOES know something about recognizing Parkinson’s symptoms.

    • CPinSL

    • you asked

      Dr. Noel was an anesthesiologist, but he treated patients with chronic pain. He didn’t place people under sedation, as some have claimed. Working with patients with chronic pain, I’m sure he has seen many patients with PD.

  • mineralt

    Just because he’s a different kind of doctor, doesn’t mean he can’t comment on Parkinson’s. The body is not compartmentalized as you think it is. The best healthcare advice is always holistic(eat your veggies, get exercise, don’t get too angry, etc). The best doctors are always the curious ones.

    • trashcup

      Just because I’m a different kind of doctor doesn’t mean my diagnosis isn’t wrong either. I declare Hillary is just fine.

      • you asked

        We’ll see – maybe HRC will qualify for the ND0612 Mini-Pump.

    • you asked

      You are absolutely correct. Most people only see that Dr. Noel, MD is an anesthesiologist, but don’t take the time to learn anything more about him. Dr. Noel used his knowledge of anesthesiology to treat patients who lived with chronic pain. I’m sure he had more than his share of PD patients who came in for pain relief due to rigid muscles.

  • jgfox

    Very impressive video. She certainly doesn’t have pneumonia since it doesn’t fit the facts.

    Pneumonia??? You mean with all the medical staff surrounding her and in personal attendance they were not able to pick that up until she collapsed?

    You are telling me that she never had a Pneumonia vaccine shot which is recommended for ALL seniors. You want me to believe that they allowed her to walk around for weeks coughing and contaminating people, including children, and continued that even AFTER the Friday diagnosis … ?

    You want me to believe that they would not send her to the ER after she collapsed and she just needed to “rest” in her daughter’s apartment? You want me ignore what Bill says and Hillary admit about her collapses …

    Bill’s comment “Well if it is, it’s a mystery to me and all of her doctors. Rarely—but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing happened to her when she got severely dehydrated.”

    Hillary on phone to CNN Asked how many times in the last five years she has passed out, she answered, “Oh, I think, really only twice that I can recall. You know, it is something that has occurred a few times over the course of my life. I’m aware of it, and usually can avoid it.”


    I want a President that would have the strength of mind and body to handle another 9/11 crisis and not one who couldn’t handle a 9/11 Memorial Service.

    • kgbgb

      The Bill Clinton quote that you give was the version after it had been cleaned up by CBS. What he actually said was:

      “Well if it is, it’s a mystery to me and all of her doctors, because frequently – well not frequently, rarely – but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing happened to her when she got severely dehydrated, …”

      (See http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-09-13/cbs-caught-editing-clip-transcript-which-bill-clinton-says-hillary-fainted-frequentl )
      It must be wonderful to have the whole mainstream media covering up your slips when you inadvertently tell the truth before “correcting” yourself.
      Better still when, as here, they print hatchet jobs on anyone who thinks the public has a right to know about the life-expectancy and probable future mental competence of your presidential candidate. No actual argument, I notice, just ad-hominem attacks.

      • jgfox


    • oldabatt

      How about spittle and drool Giuliani? You could be his VP with your nose and tongue up his ass.

      • you asked

        At least Rudy was able to decrease the crime in NYC. What did Obama, Michelle, Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett or anyone else in Obama’s close circle do to decrease crime in Chicago? They ignore the problem, which increased the homicide rate & crimes across the board.

  • les des

    So “the pink of health” is someone whom it takes ten secret service officers to push into a waiting van? who couldn’t move her head or put her arms out to break her fall to the pavement, or a women who coughed for 4 minutes and 22 seconds without stopping at a speech two weeks ago. A woman who hasn’t done a press conference in almost one year. Sounds “healthy” to me.

    • kgbgb

      It wasn’t a “push”. That makes it sound as if she still had some control of her body but was not doing the right thing with it. Still less was it a “stumble” as the mainstream media keep saying; that would mean she was trying to do the right thing but did it incompetently.

      In fact they dragged her inert body into the van.

      The original video at https://twitter.com/i/videos/tweet/774993814025011200 is high-enough resolution to be enlarged considerably and still be clear. Enlarge it so that screen is taken up by the bollard she is resting against and the one to its right, and play the video. The secret service personnel block your view of her torso, but not her feet. As they move her body forward into the van, the feet just drag along behind, flopping from side to side, with the uppers of her shoes scraping along the ground and the soles facing towards you. Either she was unconscious, or she had completely lost control of her lower body.

      Incidentally, at this magnification, you will see something appear to drop out of her pant-leg. There has been a lot of speculation about what it was, but the speculation is moot. The object actually started out on the ground, and was accidently kicked upwards against Clinton’s leg by one of her attendants.

  • bschaeff

    What is most scary about this is the fact that it may be likely that Secy. Clinton will not be capable of serving if she is elected. In that case, she would resign the office and VP Kane would become President. In view of that fact, I think we can conclude that: 1) the left merely wants to own the oval office and doesn’t really care who among them occupies it. 2) the stress of attempting to get through the campaign and, if elected, to prepare to serve may kill Clinton if the descriptions of PD are to be believed, and the left doesn’t really care about that either.

    Of course, this may indeed be conspiracy theory as the left insists, but things don’t appear to be quite open, and I suspect there is a good chance that Clinton is truly ill. If so, we may all pay the price as the nation is plunged into a constitutional crisis that would make post Watergate look like a walk in the park.

  • Kyle S.

    she’s clearly not fit to serve and that’s all that matter, she falls or short circuits like twice a week now so unless you’re a tim kaine fan I don’t see how on earth you could vote for her, jeez I mean what does she have to do in order to not get elected at this point, never have I seen someone so above the law and so backed by the media

  • Mahatma Flanders

    Drumph/Putin 2016!!! USA USA USA ….fucking cretins

  • Mahatma Flanders

    Drumph and his followers suffersfrom an undiagnosed condition, too: recto-cranial inversion.

  • Aahnolt

    Your first two points are readily disclosed by Dr. Noel, he is not keeping anything from us and goes out of his way to make sure we understand that. Your third point, about conspiracy, has nothing to do with anything. It has no impact on whether or not his observations are valid or not.

    Nice try–if you want to smear someone, you should at least make us some lies or something.

  • Rich

    I note, like a good Hillary advocate, you try to destroy the messenger, but I don’t see any medical rebuttal to his quite persuasive analysis.

  • trashcup

    Any MD that is a member in good standing in the AMA would never do what this quack did. Dr. Oz, Dr Drew, and now this clown have all made diagnosis over the internet. Sorry folks, if you were a real doctor who conducted himself as a true medical professional, you would never have done this.

    • you asked

      You obviously don’t understand anything, except your own opinion, which is wrong. You do realize that there isn’t a test to diagnose PD. It is diagnosed based on the symptoms of the patient – which is exactly what he did, by watching videos of her stop talking in mid sentence, while staring out into space, bizarre eye movements, PD freeze, where she is unable to move, etc. He provided the proper terminology for each symptom. I’m sure that Dr. Noel, who treated patients with chronic pain for 36 years, knows what a PD patient looks like. Based on my own career as a nurse for 30+ years, her symptoms are consistent with someone in at least stage 3 of PD & I’m glad that someone finally had the nerve to speak up about the symptoms she displayed. HRC herself claimed she couldn’t remember things & based on the emails of her staff, they are aware of her condition. Why else would they research PD medication & claim she is often confused? Why would anyone want a POTUS who, by her own words “short circuits”?

      • trashcup

        Blah blah blah. Why bother with an office visit when you have this guy diagnosing you? Can you imagine how many bucks you can save if you send your films to this guy. Free diagnosis without even asking this guy to give you his opinion. He can also diagnose who is an idiot just by reading the idiots emails. You are in danger

        • marzipanlil

          Asinine comment. (Look up the meaning of the adjective – I doubt you know what it means.) Your name suits you.

    • Richard_Iowa

      That’s right. Marginalize the messenger, call him names, and completely sweep under the rug that Hillary has serious health problems that are being ignored, covered up, and lied about. Good job.

      • trashcup

        Fact remains. AMA members would NEVER diagnose someone publicly without their permission and without examining the patient. Period. Reality bites and so-called doctors who practice medicine for the media’s benefit don’t belong in the medical profession.

        • Richard_Iowa

          1. Hillary has serious health issues that are being covered up, lied about, and swept under the rug.
          2. Dr. Noel provided a disclaimer that he has not examined Hillary and he is not providing a diagnosis, but simply correlating symptoms with know symptoms of disease(s).
          3. This would not be an issue if Hillary would submit to a neurological exam and release the findings to the public.
          4. See my prior response above.

          • trashcup

            No matter how you cut it, no reputable MD is going to offer a public diagnosis on any person. But to go ahead and list a diagnosis without any permissions and face to face examination just shows what a quack this guy is. You can hang all the disclaimers on it you want, still doesn’t change the fact that a member of the AMA would NEVER do this PERIOD.

  • Janet Sharpley

    The basis of challenging Dr Noel is argumentum ad hominem? That is logical fallacy. Do you comprehend what that means?

  • you asked

    The author of this article obviously is not aware than an anesthesiologist can also work with patients who have chronic pain. Had you taken the time to even check Vitals site, instead of jumping to defend HRC, you would have known that Dr. Noel is an anesthesiologist whose specialty is pain control. So, obviously he would have had a variety of patients, including those with Parkinson’s, who required relief from their chronic pain. As a nurse with 30+ years experience, after watching the increasing changes in HRC, I tend to agree with Dr. Noel.

    Did the author of this article fail to read the 10/24/2011 email between HRC & Jacob Sullivan? Mr. Sullivan is HRC foreign policy adviser, yet he was providing her info about the medication Provigil. For those who haven’t read the email, this med is used to keep patients with either Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or MS awake. Maybe the author of this article would like to pick with of the 3 diseases HRC has.

    The author of this article should also read the 08/19/2011 email sent by Cheryl Mills to HRC, entitled “Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?” To which HRC replied “Wow that is spooky descriptive”. How about the 01/26/2013 email from Huma to HRC aide, Monica Hanley where Huma states that HRC is “often confused”.

    Keep making excuses for HRC, because the emails that Wikileaks has released is exposing an illness that has been plaguing HRC since at least 2011.

  • David Worley

    I would believe the Doctor far more than I would ever trust anyone in the cover-up to promote the lying Criminal self-serving Bitch.
    Not half but all of hitlary’s supporters could be in a basket of Despicables”.

  • Richard_Iowa

    “But who actually is Dr. Noel? What motivated him to make such a speculation?” Thanks for posing these questions. Here is the answer. Hillary Clinton has very serious underlying health problems that are being hidden by her campaign, her personal physician, and the MSM. Millions of Americans want to know what is going on but reliable answers have not been forthcoming. Thus, there are a few physicians who are lending their expertise to provide insight into Hillary’s serious health problems. I hope this helps answer your questions.

  • Joe

    I would say Dr. Noel has a lot better take on the subject than the average person. Even to us without medical degrees it’s OBVIOUS she has some serious health issues that aren’t being disclosed.

  • Keith Nichols

    Even if she had Parkinson’s disease, Hillary is preferable to Trump in the same way that Stephen Hawking is preferable as a physicist or cosmologist to a 10-year-old kid.