Downtown Abbey Ends With Season 6

Downtown Abbey Ends With Season 6
Photo Credit: garybembridge via Compfight cc
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After several seasons, “Downtown Abbey” is finally bidding adieu with season six. According to the show’s producer, the decision to end it came after Dame Maggie Smith, who plays Dowager Countess Lady Violet Crawley, decided to cut short her participation in the series.


“Downtown Abbey” has been considered one of the most-watched series in Europe to date. Despite the positive reviews for the show, producer Gareth Neame finally confirmed that its sixth season is the last of the series.

According to Independent, the decision came after Maggie Smith declared she will no longer be a part of the show. Since her character, Dowager Countess Lady Violet Crawley, is one of the roles that kept the show running, her absence would lead to the fall of the series altogether.

During an interview, Neame stated, “We easily could have gone for a 7th season, but if I’d have said ‘we haven’t got Maggie’ it would have been a shadow of itself.” He added, “We all feel very blessed. Nobody regrets ending when we did. We have a final season that’s as strong as the first because we quit while we were ahead. We had the ambition that we had a complete show.”

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The last of “Downtown Abbey” this year was featured on ITV. However, Neame hinted that a possible spin-off is still possible, especially when the characters and the show’s writer, Julian Fellowes, are still keen on furthering the stories behind “Downtown Abbey.”

The Star reported that Brendan Coyle, the actor who plays Mr. Bates on the series, said, “For starters, you get recognized everywhere. And it doesn’t matter where you go.” He added, “They [the fans] were just going nuts and I couldn’t quite understand it. They were from all over China, but of all placed to be recognized. It was delightful but strange at the same time.” He added, “It becomes this weird phenomenon, because it happens in the unlikeliest of places. The craziest encounter was Marrakesh. I started walking though the big market there and people just started shouting, and coming up to me and asking if I had killed my wife. It was insane.”

Despite the remarkable success “Downtown Abbey” received for the first five seasons, the series will bid adieu and will air its final season this January 3, 2016. Needless to say, the sixth season might be the most epic of all when the producer put it, “we quit while we were ahead.”