‘Downton Abbey’ Series Finale Plot Revealed

‘Downton Abbey’ Series Finale Plot Revealed
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The series finale of the popular TV series “Downton Abbey” may take a while to air, but details about what to expect in the finale is already out.


Fans like the word “waiting” the least, and news about where the story is going by the end of the series is something viewers are ready to grab with all their hearts.

New details about the “Downton Abbey” finale is out. These details can help us predict where the ending will take us. According to reports, the series finale, which will be aired not sooner than March 2016 in the U.S., will include “love and loss” along with “happiness and heartbreak.” So we can expect that the finale will be packed with drama and scenes that make our sentiments flow at the top.

The official logline of the “Downton Abbey” finale points that the last episode will show the family preparing to welcome 1926. They plan a memorable celebration for the occasion, and they spend New Years’ Eve together in the great house.

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The production unit of the show has been spotted shooting in the Alnwick Castle of Northumberland for a week. Many of the scenes were also taken at the Ritz Hotel of Central London. The final season of the series will cast both Lily James and Matt Barber in their usual roles. The part of Bertie Pelham will be played by Patricia Hodge, who has been already roped in.

As disclosed by Jim Carter during the Emmys, the finale of the show will be “extremely affecting.” He also added that it normal for actors to move from one project to another, but at the end of Downton Abbey, there were tears in his eyes, too.