Download New Album Of Justin Bieber And One Direction; Leaked Before Release Date

Download New Album Of Justin Bieber And One Direction; Leaked Before Release Date
Justin Bieber Joe Bielawa / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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It’s surely not the best time for music. Justin Bieber’s new album “Purpose” which was about to release on 13th November got leaked days before. The same has happened with “Made in the AM” by One Direction, also scheduled to arrive on 13th. The albums are available at some stores but fans are not happy at all.


Though there is huge difference between fans of Justin Bieber and One Direction, they came together on Twitter to support their favorites. The campaign #NoPlayPURPOSEandMITAM has become quite popular and people are participating willingly. The fans have gone against the fact that some people are picking up their albums before they are released and providing spoilers and review of the same while the rest of world has not got a chance to check it out.

As far as the review of “Purpose” is concerned, the songs are inspired by real life of the young celebrity. This one is the single album by Justin Bieber after three years. The songs that have been made part of it are, Mark My Words, Show You, Sorry, Company, Love Yourself, Life is Worth Living and many more. Among these, “Love Yourself” is co-written by Ed Sheeran.

On the other hand, for One Direction, the album, “Made in the AM” is the last album for the band before a break. The major songs by the band in the new album are, Hey Angel, Drag me down, Perfect, If I could Fly and many more.

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Where to download Justin Bieber and One Direction’s new album?

Fans are urging others not to pick the albums before the official release date. The stars have worked hard for the creation and they should be awarded with the wait.