DOTA 2 Update: Underdog Chinese Team Wins $9 Million In The International 6

DOTA 2 Update: Underdog Chinese Team Wins $9 Million In The International 6
The International 6 DOTA 2

The International 6, the most prestigious DOTA 2 event has just concluded with a relatively new Chinese team taking the grand prize of $9 million. The tournament also saw one of the game’s greatest upsets as tournament favorite OG was eliminated by a Filipino team tipped to be the first to exit the tournament.


From 16 teams who made the trip to Seattle, only one stood triumphant to take the Aegis of Champions. Wings Gaming took home the gold and with it, over $9 million dollars in prize money.

According to Gosugamers, Wings took the title after an impressive 4-1 series against Digital Chaos. Both took the hard road winning the qualifiers in their respective regions and slugging it out to reach the finals.

After an excellent performance in the group stage, both teams faced each other in the upper brackets. DC was knocked down to the lower brackets, while Wings continued to dominate the upper brackets.

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Fan Favorites Bid Farewell

According to Polygon, the victory was surprising to many because Wings was a new team by DOTA 2 standards. Additionally, other teams showed excellent performance before the International. Many were disappointed that fan favorites OG, Na’Vi, EHOME, Evil Geniuses, and Secret were knocked out of the tournament.

Especially OG who won two Valve sponsored Major tournaments. They was soundly defeated 2-0 by TnC, a Filipino team who wasn’t even expected to make top 8.

Wings also defeated defending champions Evil Geniuses dropping them to the lower brackets. Digital Chaos then delivered the final blow to EG and eliminated them to take their spot in the grand finals.

It seems The International 6 is a turning point for competitive DOTA 2 where established teams and favorites can easily be brought down by the underdogs. This is the 3rd International won by a Chinese team with Invictus Gaming and Newbee winning TI2 and TI4 respectively.

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