Doomsday Scenario: Artificial Intelligence Poses Risk To Humanity – Study

Doomsday Scenario: Artificial Intelligence Poses Risk To Humanity – Study

At the turn of the century, the world has seen an immense technological advancement from discoveries of new medicines to the advancement in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Although Artificially Intelligent (AI) systems have been proven useful in vast applications, which can range from gaming to other areas with practical application, some experts in the field of international security have expressed their skepticism on its potential risks.

According to the Global Catastrophic Risk Annual Report 2016 released by the Global Challenges Foundation, the widespread automation could potentially cause disruptions in the economy and in the society.

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Indeed, a separate report from the PR News Wire showed that the demand for military robots is expected to increase by 2020. The report noted that the entire military robot market is expected to grow from USD 13.55 billion in 2015 to USD 21.11 billion by 2020.

The expected surge in military robot market is driven by the continuously increasing demand for military robots that would ensure surveillance in borders across the world. Apart from the growing demand for cross-border robot surveillance augmentation, the rising demand for automation and the need to minimize casualties are also causing this trend, the report added.

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Global Challenges Foundation, however, noted that the risks caused by the AI are relatively lower compared to other threats in a global scale.

“In the longer term, AI may enable important new capabilities, perhaps extremely quickly if it turns out that we can automate AI development. If we have powerful and generalisable automated systems, the goals they are programmed with may exert significant influence over the future. It has been argued that if these goals were not aligned with human values, the consequences could be truly catastrophic,” an excerpt of the Global Catastrophic Risk Annual Report 2016 reads.

The report added that even if the AI system was made aligned with the maker’s values, there’s a possibility that it might create destabilization in its geopolitical balance.

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