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Dontavis Montgomery: 21-year-old Who Shot His Cousin Dead Has A Criminal History, Facts To Know

Dontavis Montgomery: 21-year-old Who Shot His Cousin Dead Has A Criminal History, Facts To Know
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Dontavis Montgomery: 21-year-old Who Shot His Cousin Dead Has A Criminal History, Facts To Know

An Atlanta man is in custody for allegedly shooting his cousin in the head, killing him on the spot. Police have identified the victim, a high school sophomore, as the accused’s teenage cousin.

Dontavis Montgomery fatally shot Marquez Montgomery, 15, inside a home in Adkins Road Monday night. The shooting was an unprovoked one but investigation is underway since, said Atlanta police officials.

“The preliminary investigation indicates the victim was shot by the suspect… with no provocation,” as cited in a police statement.

Dontavis Montgomery, 21, has been charged with felony murder.

Facts About Marquez Montgomery

According to a Fox5Atlanta report, the deceased was a senior at Benjamin E. Mays High School and played nose guard on the school’s football team. He was also on the school’s baseball team, as told by his family.

As told by uncle Donterric Montgomery, the 15-year-old was a great kid and had never in any event been in a fight.

“He was just the personality you just love to be,” he added. “No matter NFL, doctor, lawyer — he was a good kid. Teachers loved him.”

Marquez, who had lost his mother due to cancer back in 2010, dreamt of going to the University of Georgia.

A statement issued by Atlanta Public Schools on Tuesday read:

“Our deepest condolences go out to the family of Marquez Montgomery, who attended Benjamin E. Mays High School.  Atlanta Public Schools sent a crisis team to Mays this morning to provide grief counseling for students and staff.”

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Facts About Dontavis Montgomery

The 21-year-old accused, also a repeat offender, was involved in another assault last year. As reported by 11 Alive, Dontavis was out on a bond after being charged for a fatal stabbing incident in January 2015. The accused was charged with murder and aggravated assault and released on a $100,000 bond with conditions.

Dontavis reportedly stabbed one Nicole Roberts to death in the 2015 assault, according to police records. They later released him on Oct 13, 2015.

What The Family Has To Say

“It was an accident. People gone try to twist it and make him seem like a bad kid, but he was a good kid as well. He was a favorite cousin and he’s dealing with it now,” the uncle said later.

“It’s not just one good kid being taken away from our family — it’s two,” he said in the light of the arrest. “With him having a weapon we knew nothing about, he took his little cousin’s life by mistake.”

Meanwhile, the family has launched a GoFundMe page seeking financial assistance for Marquez’s funeral expenses.

Dontavis Montgomery is currently at the Fulton County Jail and is scheduled for a hearing on Wednesday 11 a.m.

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