Donald Trump’s Unconventional Trait Reflected In Campaign Team, Says Report

Donald Trump’s Unconventional Trait Reflected In Campaign Team, Says Report
Donald Trump Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump reportedly has the smallest campaign team, according to Associated Press via ABC News. Unlike many presidential hopefuls, Trump’s campaign team used to composed of two persons: the campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and the real estate mogul himself.


Lewandowski is virtually always at Trump’s side. “Like the rest of Mr. Trump’s campaign, we’re not following the playbook. So what may have been the typical profile for somebody to run a primary or caucus campaign, we’re willing to look beyond that, find the people who are the best and the smartest,” said Michael Glassner, a political director who recently joined Trump’s team.

In an interview as quoted by ABC New, Lewandowski described how Trump veers his presidential campaign: “This has been atypical campaign from the beginning. And it works and it is working and he has massive amounts of support.”

Trump’s campaign team is growing and includes fresh graduates or people who have never worked in a statewide or national campaign. Glassner told the media “the unconventional resumes are part of a strategy that makes the campaign effective.”

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“The ability to communicate directly through social media has changed the entire landscape and I think that’s also changed sort of what I would regard as the qualifications for a professional organizer as well,” Glassner said as quoted. In the run-on to 2016 Presidential Elections, Trump is said to hire additional permanent staff and to open another office.