Donald Trump Wins Voters In Nevada & South Carolina

Donald Trump Wins Voters In Nevada & South Carolina
Donald Trump Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Donald Trump is still leading in polls conducted in South Carolina and Nevada. According to the recent CNN/ORC Poll released On Oct. 14, voters are seeing Trump as the perfect candidate to deal with the problem in economy and illegal immigration, making him the most vetted candidates among the Republicans.


Thirty-eight percent of Nevada voters favor Trump while Carson came in second with only 22 percent. In South Carolina, Trump got the confidence of 36 percent of voters while Carson got only 18 percent. The candidates in third place in each state got less than 10-percent support.

According to the 67 percent of voters in Nevada, Trump is the best man to handle the economy; 59 percent in South Carolina think so, too. He is also is the man who can deal with illegal immigration: 55 percent of voters in Nevada and 58 percent in South Carolina are confident about his capability.

Among those voters already decided to vote for a candidate, 53 percent supports Trump, 21 percent support Carson while Mark Rubio is far behind at 7 percent. So who has the best chance of winning the general elections in November 2016? Forty-seven percent of voters in Nevada and 44 percent in South Carolina think it’s going to Trump.

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Curiously, polling expert Charles Franklin noted an interesting pattern. Trump apparently reflects large numbers in polls conducted with not-live interviews as compared to live interviews. There is a 10-point difference and no other candidate reflected as large of a difference.


  • Dave Francis

    Trump is spreading the news of our troubling economic issues or otherwise
    spread by the local police authority of the easement on immigration laws, by the
    prior and this current president. Obama has restrained from improving the
    dangerous border region for both the Border Patrol agents and property owners
    who have been victims for decades from heinous drug cartels and criminal
    illegal aliens who have arrived in America in large numbers. According to a National Sheriffs’
    Association’s press release confirming the organization’s standpoint expressed
    in its 2013 position paper on immigration policy. In the report, the
    Association backed efficient and
    competent securing of the border, enforcement of the immigration laws currently
    as allocated in the federal register of laws, necessitated information shared
    between local law enforcement and federal immigration officials.

    National Sheriffs’ Association adjoined of withholding federal compensation
    money from jurisdictions who refuse to cooperate with immigration officials,
    and strengthening employer verification requirements. Further, the (National
    Sheriff’s Association, Jun. 25, 2013) The document
    concluded, They strongly opposes outright amnesty for those individuals
    currently here illegally. Amnesty does not work. When granted in 1986, it did
    little to stop the flow of illegal persons from coming across the borders and,
    in fact, contributed to thousands of bogus applications for amnesty.”

    Governor Jerry Brown of California already knows that
    Illegal Aliens cost CA $600 Million in healthcare dollars alone. Citizens Medicare
    1011 is raided to help pay for ER visits. He just signed a bill having all
    Illegal Alien children under 19 to get free healthcare through MediCal: initial
    cost, $40 Million with increases to $132 Million projected while cutting
    MediCal budget for US Citizens. Not to mention the costs to our public
    education: 30% of school children cannot read or write the English language AB
    130 and AB 131 has given Illegal Alien Students access to free State money for higher
    education, whereas also getting in-state tuition and fee waivers.

    cost for illegal immigrants on US taxpayers is anybodies guess, but it
    approximated at anything between $$100 billion to $$200 billion dollars per
    year. The majority of illegal immigrants pay no taxes and work for cash on such
    workplaces as construction sites or under the table– a great incentive
    for Illegal immigrants and business
    owners who covert huge profits. These non tax payers drive down wages and
    benefits for impoverished Americans, specifically Black and Latino citizens or
    legal residents as they also compete with them for social services and their paid
    in entitlements. This is absolute madness when our country has 90 million or
    more people, unemployed/ underemployed or collecting a check from welfare to

    We are a passionate country, but today its gone to far? We are a country of laws. We have somewhere
    between 12 and 30 million people who broke the law and a Federal Government is unwilling
    to enforce the law. Trump is the only candidate willing to deport all illegal
    aliens squatting here. Yes! that right squatting here, as they have no legal
    standing. Its time we enforce the law.
    Lets us begin 2016 with Donald Trumps promise to deport all illegal immigrants
    in the United States. It can be done
    without armed agents by taking down dishonest employers? Make them adhere to
    MANDATORY E-VERIFY and no more optional decisions made by Special Interests,
    led by the US Chamber of Commerce.

    illegal aliens pay any taxes, some do, but it is returned because they are Low
    wage earners and actually get a tax refund and even extra money back from the
    government in the form or Earned Income Credits, for themselves and their children.
    Democrats expediently ignore the Illegal Immigrant ITIN tax fraud and child tax
    credits. The cost to US taxpayers about $$4.7 billion for child tax
    reimbursement annually, with no end sight. That old charlatan Harry Reid in
    1993 said: “No Sane Country Would Permit Birthright Citizenship”.

    (CAPS) Californians for Population Stabilization will deliver your signed
    petition to the Presidential candidates. We also need your help the American taxpayers help to convince
    Congress it’s time to act. Jo Wideman of CAPS
    Executive Director is currently illustrating the cost and negativity. The Birthright Citizenship Act of 2015, HR
    140/S 45, would restore the 14th Amendment to its original
    intent and clarify that citizenship at birth is granted only if:

    one of the parents is a U.S. citizen,

    lawfully-admitted permanent resident alien,

    or alien on active service in the military.

    Let Congress know that it’s time for America to join the
    21st century by passing The Birthright Citizenship
    Act of 2015.

    Reid quickly altered his mind, when it fits his Liberalized agenda. If you
    really want to know the insurmountable truth go and read the costs to California taxpayers in just one
    county. At the Los Angeles website for the Dept
    of Human Services drawn up by Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, showing a
    total cost of illegal immigration to Los
    Angeles County
    taxpayers alone exceeded $1 billion in 2008. Approximately $200 million is
    spent on public safety, $400 million for healthcare and $450 million to welfare
    and food stamps. This doesn’t include schooling. Birthright citizenship is out
    of control, adding that to the public education and so many more programs for
    foreign nationals. The population of illegal aliens and legal immigrants has
    exploded in California, so who knows how the
    costs have spiraled?

    see no other alternative but to rid the infestation of illegal alien welfare
    recipients, to stop the ever mounting deficit to our floundering nation–caused
    by tax and spend narratives of the Democrats.

    am often troubled that when the economic arguments for illegal immigrants are
    proven wrong, supporters of illegal immigration say you are a xenophobic or racist.
    The reality is that illegal aliens are from all over the world and probably
    represent every race and gender. Politicians are SO afraid of being called a
    racist or worse that they agree with these followers of illegal immigration
    even though it goes against their own views and law. But the reality it is that
    its hurting US workers and the criminal element who are creeping in through the
    border are on a killing spree. The fact is the statistics are kept under glass
    and unless their was the shooting in Sanctuary City San Francisco, the whole
    ugly story of a five time deported illegal alien who murdered Kate Steinle would
    go unnoticed?

    you want REAL change and get those issues going in the right direction, you
    have to make a decision to vote for the real alternative to Democrats and the
    GOP establishment. Donald Trump is the full measure of what a President should be
    as far as my family is concerned, friends and neighbors and the camaraderie
    with a few military types. His greatest
    ally in the war of against both political parties is that he is his own money
    man. He is not restrained from the blood money that enters the halls of power
    while Congress is in Session. The rich donors to campaigns and politicians bank
    accounts, are Persona Non Gratis to Trump who will make America great again.