Donald Trump Warns Of World War 3

Donald Trump Warns Of World War 3
Donald Trump Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump lambasted the Obama administration for worrying about things they should not worry about. He called them “stupid people” for worrying about climate change than an impending nuclear war and the prospects of a looming World War 3.


“We have a president over there worried about Climate Change instead of worrying about nuclear weapons coming into the middle of our cities. We are being run by stupid people,” Trump told Breitbart News Daily host Stephen Bannon.

The controversial candidate for the U.S. Elections 2016 said there is a more serious concern than global warning. “That’s called nuclear global warming. If we don’t get our act together and corral all of these countries that want to get themselves some real power, we’re going to be in big trouble,” he said.

Trump went on saying that there should not be a World War 3 over Turkey’s downing of a Russian bomber. He said the real problem is the Islamization of Turkey. “ISIS is composed probably of 60,000 people, fighters. It’s a problem that we should have been able to win easily but we haven’t used the right thought process,” Trump stated.

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The Republican candidate said he could take out the ISIS under his leadership but the issue is not something that should end up in WW3. Neither is Syria a reason for U.S. to start WW3, Trump said. “Who wants to fight over Syria and literally Start World War 3? If you listen to some of the people on [the Republican debate stage] and some people in the Senate, you’re going to end up in a World War. Over what? Over Syria. That’s not what you end up in world wars over,” he stressed.



  • B Nails Teresa Craig

    Trump is dangerous. The world is dangerous. Deal with it. Another Muslim mass American massacre and he cant loose. Remember the world is burning on Hillary’s watch.