Donald Trump Tax Returns: Bill Maher, Michael Moore Steal Documents From Trump’s Plane

Donald Trump Tax Returns: Bill Maher, Michael Moore Steal Documents From Trump’s Plane
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Filmmaker Michael Moore took to social media on Sunday and joked about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s tax returns.


On Twitter, Moore said that the business mogul’s plane was stationed by the New York Mets’ baseball stadium at the LaGuardia Airport. He went on to say that comedian Bill Maher had sneaked into the plane in search of Trump’s tax returns, which have not been released so far.

“Bill Maher runs onto Trump’s plane and grabs Trump’s tax returns!” Moore tweeted. The post showed a picture of Maher coming out of the plane holding a manila envelope in his hand.

Donald Trump tax returns: Michael Moore’s tweets perceived as joke

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Although it’s tradition among politicians running for the presidency to make their tax returns public, Trump hasn’t done so yet.

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Moore’s tweet was followed by another one, which said, “’Bill,’ I said, ‘U know he’s guarding his tax returns w/his life & probably carries em w/ him!’ Mission accomplished!”

The story was also shared by Moore on Facebook.

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The relevant tweets/Facebook post can be read towards the bottom of the story.

As reported by Forbes, politicians running for presidency conventionally release their tax returns. However, Trump is not legally required to do so. The Republican presidential nominee said he has “very big” tax returns, adding that his financials “show I’m worth more than $10 billion by any stretch of the imagination.”

According to Snopes, while the media covered the incident exhaustively – and though it was initially perceived as a joke – social media users soon started believing Moore’s claim was true. The website suggests one of the explanations of the pictures is that Maher and Moore were going to board a plane sitting next to the Trump jet. As a joke, Moore photographed Maher with an envelope in the latter’s hand, making it look like he was emerging from the plane.

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