Donald Trump Tax Fraud: Accountant Jack Mitnick Claims Republican Bet Faked His Signature, Evade Taxes

Donald Trump Tax Fraud: Accountant Jack Mitnick Claims Republican Bet Faked His Signature, Evade Taxes
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Donald Trump could be in trouble after the New York Times revealed that the nominee could have avoided federal income taxes. Jack Mitnick, a lawyer and former accountant for Trump claims that the billionaire businessman cheated the government out of millions for almost two decades.


The previously unknown 80-year old quickly rose to fame after revealing details about Trump’s 1995 tax return. Mitnick spoke to the Times – on the record and exposed the candidate’s misconduct.

According to Heavy, Trump claimed a staggering income loss of $915,729,293 back in 1995. By utilizing a loophole known as “net operating loss,” Trump was able to fold his business losses into his personal income tax returns.

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This means he was able to use the declared losses to from his businesses to cancel out his personal income tax obligations. This has been a common practice for wealthy Americans in order to pay the least amount of income tax.

Donald Trump Avoided Paying Federal Income Tax Accountant Returns

Jack Mitnick also revealed that Donald Trump might have faked his signature on his 1984 tax return. He served as Trump’s witness in a tax appeal case he filed in 1992.

Trump’s returns showed no income at all, but claimed $626,264 in expenses. A judge noted that the documents did not explain how significant expenses, without any concomitant income from his consulting business.

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According to Mother Jones, a lawyer for Trump threatened the New York Times “prompt initiation of appropriate legal action.” According to them, the publication of the GOP nominee’s records was illegal.

The Trump campaign also responded to the report stating that “Mr. Trump has paid hundreds of millions of dollars in property taxes, sales and excise taxes, real estate taxes, city taxes, state taxes, employee taxes and federal taxes.”

Trump’s finances have been the subject of speculation not just by the Clinton campaign but also his fellow Republicans. He has repeatedly refused to release his tax returns citing an ongoing audit as the reason.

What are your thoughts about Donald Trump and his alleged tax fraud? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Real PA Voter

    He is a crook. Anyone who can come up with a billion dollars in tax losses is a very poor businessman. Hey, Mr. Trump, the idea is to make a profit, not just write off bad losses. And, to commit fraud by signing your Accountant’s name to the tax return? Pure sleeze. That’s a felony. His latest tax tricks could, and probably will land him in court for tax fraud. I say — lock him up!!!

    • Alifor Cody

      God damn you’re an ignorant dumb fuck. Go die in a chemical fire.

      • Prince Bowaa

        Sng this song by Pink Floyd “We don’t need no education….”

      • Real PA Voter

        Only a “Trump Deplorable” would reply that way

  • mike4kix

    why wouldn’t investors be pissed that he transferred corporate losses for personal gains?

  • Deplorable Original Prankster

    Why would Trump be in trouble? – tax avoidance is 100% legal, that’s why people hire CPAs

    • Trademaster

      Grab girls by their vagina is legal when you are a star. In impersonating John Miller, and John Baron is legal, forge CPA signature on tax returns are all legal! Yes, Americans really want a President with that low.

  • Klezmer O’Brien

    He presents himself as a successful businessman. But he personally loses $1 billion in a single tax year.

    He has declared bankruptcy more times than Chrysler, GM and the American car business put together.

    He talks about bringing jobs back to America. But sends his own Trump jobs to Asia.

    He makes outrageous statements that are racist, sexist, and abusive – if you made those comments in your own company you would be sued for creating a hostile work environment.

    There are plenty of problems in Washington. Why does anyone think this guy is going to fix them?

    • Alifor Cody

      Go join “Real PA Voter” in that chemical fire.

  • Berferd

    Legally avoiding paying taxes is what every business and tax accountant strives for. What crap from these lefty Marxists…most democrats either pay no taxes or have someone else do them. It’s apparent that none of these attack Yorkis can add and subtract.

  • Have Blue

    When democrat tax policy crashed the commercial real estate market in 1995, Trump legally used the tax laws to mitigate his losses. Good for him. It ain’t easy being a successful billionaire in an entrenched democrat city and state, where every institution opposes and hinders free market entrepreneurship.

  • iohanx

    I don’t believe many people understand the idea of the wealthy deliberately generating tax losses. Or even for that matter, buying a company in debt so as to use that debt to offset tax you are soon due to pay because your current business is doing really well. As a result of this tactic, the rich get richer and no tax flows back into the system which in turn means everyone else have to make up the shortfall with higher taxes. Whether you agree or disagree, there is only one cake! Unless of course the government of the USA prints more cake, devalues your currency, floods more cake into the market for the wealthy to cream off again. T’is a cycle folks!

  • Prince Bowaa

    Trump is a con man
    America needs a crook for president …. we have not had one since Nixon 😉