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Donald Trump Alleged Rape: ‘Jane Doe’ Real Identity Revealed-Report


Donald Trump Alleged Rape: ‘Jane Doe’ Real Identity Revealed-Report

The identity of the woman, who filed a series Donald Trump rape cases, has been revealed. It turned out it was the same woman behind the different cases filed in different courts one after the other.

In a May 6 report from showbiz website Gossip Extra, the woman behind the rape case against the presidential-wannabe Donald Trump, along with the American financier Jeffrey Epstein, was identified as Katie Johnson. In the same report, some highlights were revealed, including the defendant and circumstances revolving the case.

It was also in the same report where the man who claimed as the spokesperson for Johnson said that the plaintiff has been shopping for lawyers from California, Atlanta, and Florida to represent her when they re-file the Donald Trump rape case in New York. The case, which was initially filed in California in April, was junked by the court after failure of the complainant to prove a California address.

True enough, a rape case filed against the same respondents, Trump and Epstein, with basically the same facts, reappeared and was refilled in New York City, like what Johnson’s spokesperson said last month.

However, in the newly filed case in New York City, the respondent was only identified as Tiffany Doe. In the case in New York City, the complainant claimed she was raped by Trump and Epstein in one of the parties Epstein hosted, the Real Deal reported.

She claimed that she was only 13 when she was raped by the duo in 1994. The incident occurred at Epstein’s Wexner Mansion. In the document, the complainant added she was hired by Epstein to recruit young girls in the guise of a modeling stint. Trump’s camp refused to comment as they are yet to read the complaint, while Epstein’s representatives were not available for comment, the Real Deal added.

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