Donald Trump Rally Turns Ugly, Protesters Forcibly Removed

Donald Trump Rally Turns Ugly, Protesters Forcibly Removed
Donald Trump Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC license
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There were nearly a dozen protesters that had to be forcibly removed as Donald Trump held a rally in Las Vegas Monday night, a day before he joined his other fellow Republican presidential candidates for CNN’s GOP debate.


Donald Trump’s campaign rally had begun with a Trump supporter invited onstage to talk about his son who had been killed by an undocumented immigrant. Protests ensued shortly after. One Trump supporter had shouted, “That’s why we need gun control.” This was followed by boos and two protesters putting out homemade posters that said, “NO HATE. YOU’RE FIRED.”

BuzzFeed News also managed to capture some of the most chaotic moments on video, the first of which occurred 10 minutes into the Trump rally. Security personnel can be seen trying to restrain one man who had already fallen to the ground. One woman shouted, “Light him on fire. Make him get up.” Meanwhile, a man could also be heard moments later, saying, “Light the motherfucker on fire!” Before long, police were on scene to take the man who had remained on the floor.

The said protester was Ender Austin III. He explained to BuzzFeed News that he had attended the Trump rally along with some friends to take a stand against the leading presidential candidate’s recent comments about Muslims. Austin had pointed out that he was never given any verbal warning before he was physically removed from the rally. He also stated, “They (Trump rally security) immediately used physical force.”

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Several scuffles broke out throughout the rally after Austin’s removal from the event. Some of these protesters were also heard saying, “Black lives matter” and “Muslim lives matter.”

Meanwhile, Trump did not seem bothered by the protests. However, the presidential candidate did have some words for the press covering the rally (and therefore, the scuffle). Trump said, “They are terrible! The worst!”