Donald Trump Detroit Rally: Questions, Answers All Scripted – Read What Will Happen Here

Donald Trump Detroit Rally: Questions, Answers All Scripted – Read What Will Happen Here
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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s visit to a black church in Detroit on Sunday is seen as an important step for him.


Trump’s visit to the Detroit church will be an attempt to strengthen his relationship with the African American community. He will be in attendance at the service and will be doing an interview with Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, the leader of the congregation.

However, the Detroit Free Press notes, the presidential nominee will not be speaking at the Great Faith Ministries International during the service. Moreover, the interview Trump is scheduled to have with Jackson will air a week later on the Impact Network. During this time, the interview will undergo editing by several Trump aides so the version aired reflects the wishes of the campaign.

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Donald Trump Detroit rally: Trump advised to speak about education and employment

As noted by the New York Times, while it is usual for a candidate to request interview questions in advance, a campaign preparing a script of answers has not been much heard of.

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When asked about African Americans, Trump has been advised to say, “If we are to make America great again, we must reduce, rather than highlight, issues of race in this country” and “I want to make race disappear as a factor in government and governance.”

Jackson said that his interview with the presidential nominee is on the same level as speaking directly to the congregation.

“My congregation trusts my judgment,” Jackson said. “They know that I’m not going to put anything or anyone in front of them that I feel is going to be harmful, and I feel we should have an educated conversation about what you’re going to do.”

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Donald Trump Detroit rally: African Americans show more support for Democrats

To a question asking whether his campaign is racist, Trump has been advised to speak about improving education, getting people off welfare, and providing employment. “The proof, as they say, will be in the pudding. Coming into a community is meaningless unless we offer an alternative to the horrible progressive agenda that has perpetuated a permanent underclass in America.”

To the question, “Are you a Christian and do you believe the Bible is an inspired word of God?” the advised answer is, “As I went through my life, things got busy with business, but my family kept me grounded to the truth and the word of God. I treasure my relationship with my family, and through them, I have a strong faith enriched by an ever-wonderful God.”

African Americans have in the past shown more support for Democrats. As many as 97 percent Africans Americans in Detroit voted for Barack Obama over Senator John McCain in 2008. Meanwhile, in 2012, 98% African Americans voted for Obama as compared to 2% for Mitt Romney.

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  • ToddElliott Koger

    Donald Trump’s Outreach to the Black Community


    The black community and our “blind faith” and loyal support for the Democratic Party . . .

    There are daily reminders of decades long history of (in your face) betrayal from the Democratic Party. Gun violence epidemic, failing schools, unemployment, poverty, and the like . . .

    The democrats blame the Republican Party because it gives more than 100 percent of its effort to address “those things important to its political base.”

    Blacks don’t support the Republican Party so there has been no point for the Republican Party’s politics to represent the black community’s needs.

    In addition, as is it’s the Republican Party’s right, it has used any available political tool to counter the “block of votes” the black community guaranteed the Democratic Party each election.


    Donald Trump has taken steps to address the needs of the black community.

    The Democratic Party and the black political leaders who control the black community “block of votes” are upset. They realize Mr. Trump is a threat to the monopoly they have operated for decades at the expense of the lives of black boys and girls who are victims of our current precarious situation.

    But the problem for the black community is (have always been) the democrats’ extremely “race-neutral” policies that are “less threatening” to the establishment but fails to ameliorate our long-standing economic, social and political inequities.

    Those in the black community unwilling to interact with Donald Trump are making a “huge” mistake. The only thing important this election is the “black vote.”

    The black community has “never before” had this opportunity — to put someone in the “White House” that has “an angry man’s attitude” about our situation and (unlike President Barack Obama) is willing to enact “race specific” policy to address the black community’s needs.

    The black community is Mr. Trump’s only logical road to the White House.


    Mr. Trump made it clear to the black community that he needs our help.

    He has apologized for the Republican Party’s past mistake of accepting the democrats’ decades of influence over the black community.


    Donald Trump’s campaign represents “racial unity” for America.

    Those supporting Mr. Trump have the common bond of “poverty.”

    Like President Johnson, Mr. Trump needs to use “poverty” to overcome a preceding president’s popularity.

    Mr. Trump has as his political base “poor whites.” His effort now is focused on “winning” the support of “poor blacks.”


    Mr. Trump has “ONE JOB” at this point if he wants to be president . . .

    Mr. Trump must make the black community understand that a “VOTE” for Trump is a realistic opportunity for racial equality, school choice, jobs, and the end of gun violence.

    Mr. Trump’s political base of poor whites and the black community must now understand the importance of “moving past” those things that have separated black and white communities.


    President Lyndon B. Johnson with “race-specific” policies did more for black America than the popular president John F. Kennedy.

    President Johnson’s race-specific policies worked to change the Democratic Party to the multi-racial/multi-ethnic political coalition we “blindly” support today.

    Help Donald Trump change the Republican Party.


    Democrats with federal, state and local policy have narrowed the focus of economic development in black neighborhoods to business incentives, undermining any prospect of raising the standard of living for black families. Municipal budgets of inner-cities across the nation are tight and with new demands on revenue, diverting tax revenue to business incentives reduces investment in education, job training and other essential public services.

    “Up-front” workforce development subsidies must be replaced with annual subsidies contingent upon goal attainment. Current democratic policy has encouraged the “take the money and run” behavior that has victimized black neighborhoods for decades.

    Commitment to black neighborhoods require replacing the current programs with “forgivable” loan means that each year the loan payment is due it is converted to a “grant” to the extent that project goals are met that year. Tax abatement and credits should be structured the same way.

    Mr. Trump’s plan should have businesses rewarded for staying in black communities, not just showing up. Such a proposal will be more effective because it puts the burden on workforce development projects to prove goals have been attained. These projects should now be subjected to the same annual budget scrutiny as any other program that competes for the public dollar.

    The TRUMP PLAN needs strong mechanisms to prevent corruption and conflicts of interest. No longer should there be “overbidding” for high profile companies.

    Program effectiveness under any proposal should be measured by how much the standard of living for black families improved (job quality).

    Finally, there should be a “sunset.” Any project that is “very expensive for very little documented gain” should be allow to expire.


    Donald Trump must make it abundantly clear, as the “centerpiece” of his domestic agenda that he wants not just legal equity for blacks; not just equality as a right and theory; but equality as a fact and equality as a result.

    Mr. Trump must make a commitment to use the federal purse . . . Not in the traditional “colorblindness” approach to infrastructure rhetoric that has benefited every ethnic community but black neighborhoods. But, as leverage to correct unequal life chances that renders black life meaningless for black youth.

    The democratic “colorblindness” policies that control the majority of America’s troubled inner-cities have created a poverty trap for black boys and girls, passing from one generation to the next.

    The remedy requires overt policy measures from the White House designed specifically for black neighborhoods that will work to improve productivity characteristics and the attitudes of those who control the education and training, and hiring of black youth.

    Donald Trump’s “outreach to black America” is a direct challenge of the Democratic Party’s “colorblindness” approach to doing things, which denies the realities of structural and systemic inequality and renders the needs of the black community invisible.

    Mr. Trump must demonstrate to us that he believes the Democratic Party’s “colorblindness” approach has routinely privileged every ethnic community in America and regardless of intent has disadvantaged black neighborhoods.

    The “first step” was to illuminate the needs of black America.

    Now Mr. Trump must build a bridge between the ethnic differences of America. Mr. Trump must build a new stronger nation based on inclusion, equity, justice and respect for diversity.

    Mr. Trump has to announce proactive solutions to address job creation, revitalization of K-12 education, making college more affordable, and the like. Mr. Trump’s proposal must strengthen family bonds, economic mobility, and full engagement as a weapon against the epidemic of black homicide, gun violence, and poverty.

    Mr. Trump has to announce to the voting electorate that he wants to “build alliances to expand opportunities for unemployed blacks to enter the workforce and make an investment in their community.”

    Mr. Trump must identify a plan that will enact tax cuts for small businesses, offer incentives to hire inner-city residents, and put resources in place to support starting and sustaining “Main Street” business development in black neighborhoods.

    Mr. Trump must say that he “wants every black boy and girl who wants to work to be provided with a quality education that will enable them to work.” He must say his proposal is a commitment to remove blight, rebuild neighborhoods, and to ensure black families an equitable chance of home ownership.

    But, no matter what Mr. Trump says or how the Democrats interpret it . . . asserting “everything is good in black America” is dishonest.