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Donald Trump Child Rape Case December 16 Hearing: Facts To Know

Donald Trump Child Rape Case December 16 Hearing: Facts To Know
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Donald Trump Child Rape Case December 16 Hearing: Facts To Know

The lawsuit involving a woman who accused Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of raping her when she was a minor will get a hearing before a judge.

However, the date has been scheduled for December 16, after November’s presidential elections.

Donald Trump Rape Case: Lawsuit a ‘Completely Manufactured Claim’

As reported by the New York Daily News the woman, identified in the lawsuit as Tiffany Doe, claimed that Trump and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein sexually assaulted her when she was 13 years old in parties hosted by the latter in 1994.

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The presidential nominee and business mogul has denied the allegations, and his attorney Alan Garten said the lawsuit was “a completely manufactured claim” that was “designed to discredit my client and interfere with the election.”

“These are allegations that are completely unfounded but are alleged to have occurred more than 20 years ago by someone who refuses to give their name,” Garten said. “It is wholly without merit. It is a completely manufactured claim. The entire thing is a hoax designed to discredit my client and interfere with the election.

Donald Trump Rape Case: Original lawsuit dumped, re-filed in New York City

Epstein, who has been slammed with allegations of assaulting many underage girls from late 1990s until early 2000s, also denied the accusations made against him. Nevertheless, as reported by the Washington Times, Epstein has admitted to soliciting a minor in 2008.

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The case, which was originally filed in California in May this year (with the woman identified by showbiz website Gossip Extra as Katie Johnson), was dismissed by the court because the complainant could not provide a California address.

This time around the case, containing the same facts, was re-filed in New York City. However, the respondent was identified as Tiffany Doe. As previously reported by Morning News USA, Tiffany claimed she was raped by Trump and Epstein at one of the parties hosted by Epstein at his mansion.

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