Donald Trump Breaks Rules In Iowa State Fair, Says Report

Donald Trump Breaks Rules In Iowa State Fair, Says Report
Donald Trump Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Republican Presidential forerunner Donald Trump broke all the rules on Saturday when he visited Iowa State Fair, according to news reports. Trump reached the area through a helicopter and shunned the Des Moines Register soapbox, where as customary practice, the Iowans are expected to ask questions to presidential contenders.


Trump has always shown to be unconventional, which also reflects how he runs his campaign. In contrast to Democrat’s standard-bearer Hillary Clinton, who obviously learned her lesson in 2008 (when she also flew by helicopter in reaching Iowa State Fair) and instead arrived in an SUV.

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Clad in blue-and-white checkered jacket, Clinton answered questions regarding her use of a private email server in her capacity as the secretary of state, and posed to take photos with fairgoers and patiently waited in line for pork on a stick.

Ripples of excitement

CNN reports that Trump made good his promise to allow children to fly on his helicopter and told the press he is willing to shell out $1 billion money from personal funds for his campaign. Although Clinton was mobbed by fairgoers and media, it was Trump who caused excitement to the crowd as the real estate magnate toured around the fair, tasting turkey legs, funnel cake and bacon-wrapped ribs.

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He also broke his own rule when he allowed fans to shake his hands. He donned a red hat with a statement that says, “Make America Great Again.”