Donald Trump Brain Cancer: Republican Candidate Drops Out Of Presidential Race?

Donald Trump Brain Cancer: Republican Candidate Drops Out Of Presidential Race?
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With his rumored brain tumor, is Donald Trump dropping out of the Presidential race? While the Republican candidate has been so busy campaigning for his win, a new report claimed that Americans may no longer see his name when election day comes.


Is he terminally ill that he needs to leave the race? What is the truth behind this allegation? According to Snopes, there is no truth to this claim. The 70-year-old politician did not drop out of the race in August 2016.

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A website called NTMY News alleged that a brain tumor was found when Donald Trump underwent a “colonoscopy.”

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“Donald Trump had a routine medical exam, which included a colonoscopy,” the report alleged. “During that part of the examination, it was discovered that Mr. Trump has stage one brain cancer.”

“In order to focus on treatment, he has decided to withdraw his bid for the presidency,” the report continued while saying that the statement came from Trump’s public relations vice president John Miller.

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Snopes said that this is definitely a fictitious report especially that the source “is an entertainment website that publishes ‘political news and satire,’ and this article was clearly the latter.”

On the other hand, Huffington Post made a rundown of why Donald Trump will emerge as the winner of the upcoming US elections. Accordingly, a ”night-and-day” difference is noted between his rally and Hillary Clinton’s, attendance-wise.

Bill Robinson of Huffington Post even cited one rally, which he attended to make his point gets across. He noted that while Clinton’s was done inside a gymnasium was allegedly “poorly attended,” the father of Ivanka Trump’s sortie was reportedly attended by 4,500 supporters who flocked to the 4,000-capacity nightclub.

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Another possible trait of Donald Trump that might turn on voters, as suggested by the Huffington Post writer, is his funny side.

“Who would you rather listen to? Follow? Someone funny or someone shrill?” Robinson said about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. “I know my answer. I can’t stand Hillary’s nasty, high-pitched tones and absurd paranoia.”

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