Donald Trump Born In The Philippines: Republican Presidential Candidate’s Birth Certificate Fake?

Donald Trump Born In The Philippines: Republican Presidential Candidate’s Birth Certificate Fake?
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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been making a lot of headlines as of late. And on Wednesday, talks about his real birth place was questioned after a satirical poem went viral.


Based on the official birth certificate of the US presidential hopeful, Trump was born in Queens, New York on June 14, 1946. But in a recent Washington Post article, readers were surprised by a claim, indicating that Trump was born in Manila, Philippines and not in the United States.

Below is an excerpt from the satirical poem from Garrison Keillor. The said line made some Americans believe that the business mogul is not a New York native.

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“Donald Trump was not born in Queens, he was born in the Philippines, in a hotel in downtown Manila,” an excerpt from the satirical poem reads. Is it true that Donald Trump was born in the Philippines?

According to Snopes, it is understandable that readers will think that Keillor is stating a fact because the author did not indicate that it was just a satire. However, from the first stanza of the poem, the website pointed out that it was clearly written to blast the Republican presidential candidate.

Snopes added that that satirical poem was made to attack Trump for creating conspiracy theories since the campaign started. And before Keillor ended his piece, he launched a straightforward jab at Trump.

“The man is a fraud, a compulsive liar and a clueless playboy whose presidency would be an unmitigated disaster for the country,” Keillor wrote. “If you would make us the laughingstock of the world just to irk your liberal sister-in-law, you are someone who should not be allowed to come within 500 yards of an elementary school.”

Keillor added that a Trump victory in the election will not be good for the future generation in terms of making them aware of the value of education. The humorist also added that it is quite baffling that millions are planning to vote for a man who has not lived based on “cherished values” in New York.

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