Donald Trump To Ban Foreigners From Major League Baseball?

Donald Trump To Ban Foreigners From Major League Baseball?
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Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, could be forced to ban all foreigners from Major League Baseball if one of his leading supporters had her way.


Phyllis Schlafly, 91, was welcomed onstage during a Trump rally over the weekend. Her primary wish is to see only Americans continuing the legacy of baseball, the country’s oldest professional sport.

Foreign players are cheaper…

According to Schlafly, the influx of foreign players is ruining the sport. “More than a quarter of Major League Baseball players today are foreign-born, with whom our youth are less likely to identify. Some of these players cannot speak English, and they did not rise through the ranks of Little League. These foreign-born players enter on visas and take positions that should have gone to American players,” the Trump supporter said during a recent radio segment.

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Schlafly reckons that team owners are targeting foreign players because they are “cheaper.” She continued, “Baseball owners are doing the same thing that big corporations do – bring in foreign labor to take jobs that should go to Americans. American baseball players are better, as the awards and Hall of Fame prove, but perhaps baseball owners think that foreign players are cheaper and easier to control. It is time to cut off visas for foreign baseball players, and return our National Pastime to Americans.”

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History lesson for Donald Trump, supporters

It’s very obvious that Schlafly comes across as a Trump supporter. Has she forgotten all the non-Americans who made baseball the great sport it is today? In recent years, plenty of foreigners have made a major impact on the MLB.

Miguel Cabrera, the Detroit Tigers slugger, a native of Venezuela, won the prestigious AL MVP on two consecutive occasions (2012 and 2013). Of course, there is Dominican-born first baseman Albert Pujols, who won the NL award in 2005, 2008 and 2009.

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Does Schlafly need to be reminded that last year’s World Series MVP was a Venezuelan? Does she not remember that Salvador Perez led the Kansas City Royals to its first World Series title in over 20 years? Does Schlafly need to be reminded that three of the last four World Series MVPs are foreigners?

Donald Trump has already threatened to evacuate non-citizen Muslims and Mexicans from the country if he were elected President later this year. Shouldn’t sport be left out of the political hullabaloo?

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